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Pete Lawrence - 10 Jan 2017



It’s been a busy day for Jeremy Corbyn and the corporate media are going into overdrive. I’m proud of him for saying he’d stand on the picket line with Southern Rail strikers - a true leader of the people, not just someone paying lip service. He was impressive on Good Morning Britain and on Today this morning. 

I’m impressed with his ideas on how to embark on his vision for a fairer society in the wake of sky-high salaries and calls to cap excessive boardroom salaries, as outlined in his Peterborough speech today:

"We could ask for executive pay to be signed off by remuneration committees on which workers have a majority.We could ensure higher earners pay their fair share by introducing a higher rate of income tax on the highest 5% or 1% of incomes. We could offer lower rates of corporation tax for companies that don’t pay any more.

There are many options, What we cannot accept is a society in which a few earn in two days and a bit what a shopkeeper or nurse earn in a year. It simply cannot be right."

Ed Miliband tweeted “Corbyn is totally right to be setting an agenda on the crucial issue of obscene pay differentials" 

George Eaton in New Statesman suggests that his comments on Brexit have been eclipsed by his  "The policy is being denounced by economists (who warn that it will dramatically reduce tax revenue), by Ukip, which branded it "the politics of envy", and even by the Greens, who called it "an unproven, blunt instrument". But such opposition gives Corbyn the distinctiveness that he desperately needs. As Labour struggles to bridge the divide between Remain and Leave supporters, its economic message must come to the fore. In supporting a maximum wage, Corbyn is simply offering the populism that he promised all along.

Piers Morgan presented him with an Arsenal No10 shirt on Good Morning Britain. Does anyone care?


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