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Pete Lawrence - 01 Sep 2018


Campfire Convention has accepted an invitation to be a partner in October's one-day Tree Conference in Frome, Somerset on October 21st. We will be supporting the conference and associated activities and we aim to offer our social network as a creative community space where activists can blog, build resources and make contact around the issues and initiatives and keep the conversation going.

This year’s conference, now part of the International Tree Foundation, aims to generate large scale UK-wide tree planting, support old growth forests and harness effective networks of people working with them globally. We’re also aiming to: 

  • Support a narrative change around what humans are capable of and show what we can, and need to be doing, without waiting for governments
  • Highlight leading-edge science about trees and their ecosystems
  • Improve the next generation’s scientific and emotional understanding of nature & trees

Speakers at this year’s event will include the amazing Isabella Tree author of Wilding; Mary Reynolds Thompson, author of Reclaiming the Wild Soul and part of the core team of TreeSisters, who will explore how we can receive creative inspiration from nature, and how creative writing can be used as a tool to contribute towards global eco-systemhealth; and Dr Martin Bidartondo, lead Life Sciences researcher at Imperial College, London and Kew Gardens, who will explain the impact the declining health of fungal networks has on tree health. 

Campfire member Peter MacFayden, author of FlatpackDemocracy and member of Frome’s Independent Town Council will also be interviewing AyanaYoung, the force behind the 1 Million Redwoods Project in north west America; Colombian forest defender, Mariana Gomez; Julian Hight, author of World Tree Story and leader of the Reviving SelwoodForest Project; and Wendy Davis, founder of conservation charity, Andover Trees United.

Peter Macfadyen

Local and international project coordinators will also give updates on the state of UK and global forests, forestry grants, strategies for planting, and local planting projects like SelwoodForest and FromeTown Community Forest. And a Panel Discussion featuring speakers and other experts will cover: needed developments in education, current politics around trees, and other themes arising from the day. 

SuziMartineau, conference organiser, with Bruce Parry at last year’s event

With a seated audience of 240 people, the event’s talks will be filmed and broadcast to a global audience via YouTube. As with last year, our event will be publicised widely around the UK and abroad via our extensive partnership networks and in the media. 

The event also provides an excellent opportunity to meet leaders from local and international tree-related projects, and will showcase the work of many leading organisations, as well as local initiatives in Somerset which exemplify the latest international developments in this work. 

Tree Conference : Calling for large scale tree-planting, the support of old growth forests, and for a reciprocal relationship with nature to be integrated into our education system and environmental policy  

Merlin Theatre, Frome, Somerset BA112HG, Sunday 21 October 2018, 10am-5pm


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