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Pete Lawrence - 16 Aug 2016


It was 03 November 1972 when I was first in the same space as Brian Eno. Roxy Music's first single was riding high in the charts and a few of us went to Rugby's Lanchester College to see them. Eno's flamboyance and synthesiser wizardry then only hinted at what was to follow. In the 43 years since then and I've followed and enjoyed his music, commissioned his art for a previous festival but had not met the man in person. 

So this weekend was special in so many ways. After a tentative email to Brian in winter I was surprised and humbled when he immediately accepted my invitation to make a keynote speech at the inaugural Campfire event. That spurred me into action to create an event that I could confidently hope might interest him in a broader sense. His speech was as strong an opening keynote as anyone could hope for and, I felt, set the tone perfectly for the weekend. Brian and his partner Mary stayed around for the whole weekend and met many Campfire attendees and chatted with several of them. 

He told me he had enjoyed the weekend, felt an affinity with what we are doing and offered up some practical suggestions about the event too. I am very happy that he also accepted my invitation to be a patron of Campfire. 

It was an iconic speech and a pleasure to meet him.




Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper

This is so brilliant, it was a very inspiring keynote speech that touched on so many important issues all of which are very dear to my heart. Was particularly moved by his calculations of how much dole money he had received and how much he money he'd returned to the system. Can't wait to see how this all develops.

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