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Pete Lawrence - 18 Mar 2018


Anyone who watched UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's shockingly dismal performance on today's Andrew Marr Show (BBC One TV) must surely have been staggered by the arrogance and attempted avoidance of relevant questioning as well as his references to "BBC claptrap" in relation to any questioning over the wisdom of Brexit.

Following stories in today's Observer in the Andrew Rawnsley column, Marr asked him repeatedly whether he took £160,000 for a tennis game with a Russian woman whose husband was very close to Putin. Johnson looked stunned, distracted and then tried to carry on by ignoring the question.

So Marr then questioned him about Tory Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson allegedly taking £30,000 for meeting a similar character with parallel Putin links and repeated the question regarding his own tennis game.

Johnson came up with his own tenuous defence, arguing that if there was anything criminal about what he'd been doing, people should refer it to the authorities and courts. Somewhat ironic coming from someone who doesn't suggest that the law should even be mentioned in regard to the ongoing Salisbury incident.

Marr also quizzed Johnson about Cambridge Analytica and its effects on Brexit but he refused to be drawn on it, suggesting that it was "not something he has focussed on".




Jeremy Pearce

Bridge cash and everything else hes got his own money tree with a very crooked trunk .Trained like a bonzi in some kind of twisted distorted completely unnatural manner

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