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Pete Lawrence - 01 May 2018


All evidence points to him being simply oblivious to his own arrogance.

Initially, there's something very unnerving about seeing such stylised photos of new Home Secretary Sajid Javid in corporate warrior pose, outside his new office and brim full of intent. It's unsettling, creepy and even turned my stomach a little on first viewing. 

Then I realise it's just about as emblematic as politics gets and should probably be laughed off, just as the Tories (and many other politicians' attempts at gravitas and pragmatic rhetoric should be). There's just one problem with that. His ilk are those running our country right now. Lunatics and asylums come to mind.

Let's face it, the pose is ridiculous - legs way too far apart, blank look.  The results make him look uncertain, unbalanced and certainly anything but strong and stable. As if he's so unsure of himself that he might just topple over. Somewhere between Blackadder's Prince George and a wayward member of The Village People (gone wrong) is probably more apt. A man out of time and ultimately down on his luck, though he probably isn't smart enough to realise that yet. All evidence points to him being simply oblivious to his own arrogance.

There is form to this in right centre politics, dating back several years and perhaps best exemplified by George Osborne at the 2015 party conference. Check the Guardian article for more.

So was Javid's posing ​​​​​​a coded message to backbench Remainers? A tosspot idiot stance crafted by out-of-touch, overpaid advisers? 

I'll leave you to decide... 

I just have a hunch that some calamity will bring about his downfall. 

Everyday karma...




Sharon Prendergast

Never mind the slightly constipated posturing....check out his voting record. Not what you'd expect from
the 'son of an immigrant bus driver who wouldn't hurt anyone from the windrush generation because he could so easily have been one of them' he's being sold to us as.

On the contrary. He's absolutely on the wrong side.


Pete Lawrence

I never trusted the guy in the slightest and his attendance at the antisemitism rally to rattle Labour confirmed my suspicions.


Jeremy Pearce

Do you think he came over on the Wind rush ? Or was it just the smell of corruption ? He makes Pritti Pattel look straight Nasty or what I just hope these local elections will show them the love


Jeremy Pearce

Touched by the Tory brush ?


Alastair McGowan

Defenders of the establishment can act in ways anywhere between priggishness and loutishness and seem to win even more power for doing so. But then theirs is a world of self-promoting selfishness and devil take the hindmost, they attract people who think that grass is greener if collective values are silenced; a short cut to personal liberation that avoids the drawn out community building of the left. Unless progressives find a way to attract people to the individually more uncertain but collectively solid ways of a cohesive society then people like ex UKIP voters are going to see people like him embodying something to aspire to. And I can't blame them, many come from backgrounds where their own spiritual damage leads them to crave a quick fix and Tory neoliberal I'm Alright Jack is just that.


Dutch Van Spall

I find it quite depressing that these people have managed to get this far. It's not just the fact that they are in power and controlling social policy that serves a wealth agenda, but that 'the people' have enabled it and continue to serve it. Fear and greed are both malleable human conditions.

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