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Pete Lawrence - 14 Nov 2016


Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, discusses how Donald Trump succeeded at tapping into anger among "pissed off" middle-class Americans and what the future of the Democratic party looks like. The full interview aired on the Nov. 13, 2016 broadcast of "Face the Nation."

"If his Presidency will be about discrimination, scapegoating ..."we will oppose him vigourously" 

We have to do a lot of re-thinking. How does it happen that we have a President, a US senate, a house and most governerships around this country are controlled by people who want to give huge tax breaks to billionaires, who want to cut social security and medical care and who don't even believe in the concept and understanding of climate change, which is virtually unanimously agreed to by the scientific community. How does it happen that they win elections and democrats lose. The conclusion is that Democrats have focused too much with a liberal elite which is raising incredible sums of money from wealthy upper middle class people but has ignored to a very significant degree the working class and middle classes."


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