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Postcapitalist reference

By Pete Lawrence, 9 July 2016 11:05
We’re living through a revolution, swapping skills instead of cash. Huck hangs out with writer Paul Mason and gets a tour of th
UK author and broadcaster Paul Mason sees the future as a place where the value of work is reduced to zero, but ideas — and their proliferation — still hold sway.
What is the role of brands and marketing in your postcapitalist vision of the future? And how will we measure organisational success? Read more at
Picture yourself at a party full of unknown people. You engage in conversation. First of all, a classic, someone asks your name. Next, where you live. Their third question? Not what you think. Actually, these new friends won't be interested in your job. I
an open movement creating more fun & effective ways of shaping our communities, together
innovative concepts for democratic participation, focussing on the potentials of the Internet to create more accessible ways of decision-making
Full automation offers a chance to transform nearly every industry, and architecture is no exception
Our democracy is broken. Represent lets you take decisions directly, or invite experts and trusted advisors and experts to vote. We strive to represent everyone because this isn't about power, it's about progress. When everyone is heard, decisions makers
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