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Lucy Wills - 04 Jan 2020


With so much distressing news that I cannot sleep yet , it is a night for poetry, and finding any beauty in loss. so here is another work in progress..

I'd recently watched a documentary about Poly Styrene - genre defying singer songwriter that many of you know, and some, like me, knew personally.

She is filmed making music, and on tour with her band. Extraordinary to think that as she talks about the future in 1979,  that is the future in which I knew her and in which we talked so much - though not enough.

 I carry this forward, or at least what I feel in my heart she would have wanted everyone to hear.

Thank you Marianne.

 I hope you knew how beautiful you still are x

** Polygon **

Show me on the documentary where the man hurt you.
Which one of them was it that 

Stole your music from you
Eroding your soul

Chipped away at your world until you had to:

Find another world to hide in
Lose yourself as one of many

Not mad but so hurt
So angry but not broken


Still looking to that future
To write that bright future

With a childs heart and an ageless face

Racing death itself to tell out 
Racing death itself to spell out 


Your songs belong to everyone, 


Speaking truths that most people can't quite hear
Speaking truths that most people can't quite bear




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