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Pete Lawrence - 28 Jan 2019



Welcome to the Campfire network and thanks for your interest and for setting up your profile. I believe that Campfire has potential to trailblaze a radical new model for community-based social networking. I’d love you to join us on the journey. Here is a brief overview of how the ecosystem works.

If you’ve clicked on the authorisation link which you should have received, you’re almost good to go and as things stand you can read all the public parts of Campfire such as the Bugle (our members news magazine), ProjectsBeacons and Guilds, as well as The Library which has many tips on how to use the site. The FAQs are here.

If you would like to join as a member, you would then be able to create posts, articles, Projects (solo or collaborative), join or create a Beacon (you will see local groups working for social change around you according to where you have set your location). If you’d to join us as an active member, you can do so from as little as £1.66 a month – just go to your profile (top right avatar) and the pull-down menu allows you to ‘buy membership’.  This allows you also to see members profiles, to read and comment on their work and, if you go on to be an active creator in the community, you can build your own Portfolio, in which you can feature your most recent or priority creativity, whether photo galleries, blogs or Projects.

You can also complete your profile from this pull-down menu and add custom profile and cover photos, biogs, CVs, etc. 

Campfire is still officially pre-public launch and depends on membership contributions to keep it going as we are currently in the process of setting up a Community Interest Company which will offer stake holdings and entry into our Kudos scheme, which aims to reward activity on the site. Campfire is about what we can build together and how we can make a difference collectively. 

You can read more about our membership model in the ‘About Campfire’ section at the footer of every page and we are developing our own set of ‘values and principles’ too. If you would like to join our steering group or help with events or any other aspect of Campfire, please get in touch directly. I’m also happy to do a screen-share session with you to show you how Campfire works if you’d find that helpful. You might also enjoy browsing the first edition of our Campfire magazine Ignite, which has many onwards hyperlinks. 

We are about to crowd fund Phase 3 of our development which, if successful, will enable us to upgrade to Drupal 8 software which will improve the user experience. Part of this crowd funding round will include a ‘Tools For Life’ element where we invite members to contribute their unique skill in a ‘how to’ over a day or half day of their time (you donate or can earn from it too if you wish). More on this later…

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