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Pete Lawrence - 17 Nov 2017


Do you have a favourite experience or moment from 2017? It might be a film, a book, a music performance, a place, a gathering, an expedition, a conversation or something else, we're looking to compile a Firecast end of year edition featuring our collective pick of 2017 - so if you'd like contribute, please record your experience in one minute or less, **starting with your name** on the beginning of the recording..  

Thanks for your contribution!


Hear Firecast 002




Ruth Wallsgrove

Ok, I don't know where the recorded bit goes to... how to edit it if it's not quite right... but I will try something out. x


Pete Lawrence

You can check it and review before sending. Bryony used it for her Firecast interview and it seems work well apart from on Safari


Helen Chetwynd

Okydoke .... I'll definitely give this a try and yes, it will be something to do with walking ... watch this space :) x

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