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- 12 Apr 2018


"Vegetarian Fresh unprocessed and full of vitamins flavour and texture and with a bit of fore planning very fast proper food !"

Equipment -Bowl /scraper /pesel and mortar / frying pan ./Oven /Grater /knives /peeler 


Dry chickpeas /Fresh celeriac/Carrot/onion /red onion/red cabbage /garlic/flat leaf parsley /fresh beetroot raw/chili (raw or dry ) besan (chickpea flour)/fine polenta/ ground super seed mix (i bought one containing  gold linseed /hemp and chia )

Spice ect- Cold press rape seed oil /cumin/coriander/black  pepper/green cardamom pods/nutmeg/sea salt and for the salad balsamic vinegar /sea salt pepper /good quality cold press olive oil 

Method - Soak chickpeas until they have taken up as much water as possible 12 hours When they are ready peel and grate celeriac grate carrot /fine chop white onion /fine chop garlic /chop parsley /chilli /fine slice red onion /red cabbage/

Take a pesal and coarsely smash the raw chick peas (this gives texture) Then toast spices  till smell comes off  and grind them into powder Then tip in a bowl with the smashed  chickpeas,grated carrot ,celeriac ,garlic ,fine chop onion ,salt,parsley/ Then add a little water and bind with besan and let stand for a bit ,so everything properly amalgamates into a texture that will bind but not fall to bits ..When this is right roll pattie  sized pieces in fine polenta and put to one side .Next mix the salad ingredients in a bowl and dress .This will help break down the salad a bit for digestion  and blend the flavors 

Now heat a frying pan with some cold press oil in it and colour the patties on each side and put in an oven to cook through  .When they are done take them out and drain the surplus oil off  

Now its time to dress the plate /plates with the beetroot super seed onion and garlic salad and place the pattie on top .They eat well hot or cold .Enjoy Campfire x



Kimm Fearnley

Yummy! My mouth is watering! X


Ralph Pettingill

Hey @Jeremy Pearce ! Thanks man! Can't wait to try these- they look so tasty. All the best ...

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