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Jeremy Pearce - 16 Jan 2020


Full cooked vegetarian breakfast .The only processed ingredient is the baked beans .No TVP

Vegetarian Breakfast Grilled tomato /Flat mushroom /Sliced Quinoa burger /Bubble and squeak /Baked beans /Fried egg .and optional toast

Quinoa burger see recipe on previous blog just cut cold and grill till golden

Bubble and squeak

Pre cooked potato /finely sliced savoy cabbage raw or less finely if cooked /Onions (any colour or type fine sliced  )Garlic /Thyme /Rosemary /Fresh sage /Flat leaf parsley/seasoning 

Method start to fry sliced onion and garlic add potato and cabbage thyme and sage and rosemary and keep frying it till everything caramelized up and browns without burning moving occasionally .Add the parsley when cooked and take off stove

Eggs Fry or poach what ever takes your fancy

Beans Heat

Grill the other stuff and plate and serve



Beth Salmon

Mmmm that looks yummy!!!! Bubble and squeak sounds delicious!!!! Like ur use of herbs!!!! I’m still rocking sweet smoked paprika in my bubble and squeak.... have u tried it?

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