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Jeremy Pearce - 27 Apr 2020


"This dish has got so much edible natural medicines within , that It should boost anyone's immune system to the max .Its almost completely unprocessed too .High in fiber and brimming with anti oxidants and source vitamins .Better than Trump Bleach !"

Tagine s named after the clay cooking vessels with the chimney lids .This one I cooked out in a heavy le cruset on the stove top .Its full of flavour and warming spice and anti bacterial and anti oxidant ingredients .It will clear bronchial congestion and the thyme is anti bacterial too Like culinary antibiotic .


Sharp knives /Stick blender /Coffee grinder or passel and mortar /Wooden spoon   /Heavy base pot big enough to hold the ingredients


I made this fresh out of dried red chillies /Head of garlic /ground toasted black pepper corns /caraway/cumin and coriander seed and ground paprika /salt

Just soak the chillies add the rest of the ingredients and blitz into a paste (Oil can be added too)

Main ingredients

Aubergine/Butternut squash /Celery/ Carrot/Onion/Garlic /Lemon /Prunes /Chick peas /Fresh turmeric/Powdered Turmeric Red Pepper/ /Mushrooms /Tomato Puree/Veg stock cubes /Cinnamon quills /powder cinnamon /Thyme /Bay leaves/

and for finishing shredded spring greens with stems removed /fresh mint /Fresh coriander /Fresh Parsley


Cut everything into sensible sizes

Heat oil. I used Cold press rape seed because virgin olive oil changes its taste and molecular structure when heated and pomace is mechanically recovered shite 

Next fry off onion and ground cumin /coriander/Cinnamon/ caraway /Thyme and Cook out tomato puree and add some harissa and other vegetables and stock cubes /Add liquid and lemon wedges and turmeric chick peas/Prunes  and cook out till tender

Cous Cous

Coat grains in olive oil and season and add enough hot water to take up the liquid without it sogging up .The oil will stop the grains sticking and cover Stock can be used but the liquor will flavour it as it soaks up

Just before serving add the spring greens and then the soft herbs and that s it /Serve on a bed of the fluffed up cous cous   with surplus Harissa to taste

Campfire x



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