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Jeremy Pearce - 17 Mar 2020


"Stop eating that TVP and get unprocessed .You know it makes sense Bon Appetite Campfire x


Flat mushrooms/sour dough/cherry tomatoes /pine nuts /garlic /fresh rosemary /thyme /avocado /Cold press rape seed oil/ balsamic Black pepper salt


Take stems out of mushrooms and peel if you want to .I never bother at home /chop garlic /slice bread

get grill hot place mushrooms on a tray /season /top with garlic and herbs and grill with the cherry tomato s when almost cooked through add balsamic and toast pine nuts /Fan avocado drizzle oil on bread  toast

Next assemble plate and drizzle more oil and thats it 15-20 min Vegan breakfast delight

Campfire x




Ralph Pettingill

Nice one Jez! I'm straight off down the shops to get some mushrooms...

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