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- 07 Jun 2018


"Seasonal Summer salad

Ingredients -Quinoa / Jersey new potatoes Fresh Asparagus/Broccoli /Red inion / garlic /fresh mint High quality virgin  Olive oil/High quality balsamic vinegar /salt pepper 

Equipment .Pan of boiling water /Bowl /Knife 


- Scrub soil off potatoes and boil them with some sprigs of fresh mint 

Wash and cook Quinoa(If the right amount of liquid has been used all the surplus liquid will have been taken up and nothing will have to be drained keeping all nurients 

 Blanch Broccoli  /Cut ends off Asparagus and peel to 2" from the tip .It shouldn't be woody at this time of year then cut on a slight diagonal into sensible pieces   (refresh all hot stuff if eating cold )

Fine slice onion /Crush Garlic 

Mix everything in a bowl and serve  done 20 mins max .Enjoy 



Ralph Pettingill

Yay ! I've been majoring on the asparagus and purple sprouting broccoli too- seems to have been a brilliant year for it- great minds think alike @Jeremy Pearce


Kimm Fearnley

Yummy! Going to make this! Love quinoa and asparagus. X


Mandi Kimberley

Mmmmm looks fab

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