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Emily Rose Croucher - 05 Dec 2018


I believe everyone should have access to all health information and at the moment, this isn’t readily available. Trew Fields​ is a space to explore this in an uplifting environment.

'Tequila to Spirulina', so what’s this all about? Check out the tropical women with gold wings in the photo, and it’ll tell you a little bit. A photo tells a thousand stories right. So WHO is Sophie Trew? Well she’s in the photo, and what’s Trew Fields Festival? You’re about to find out. Here's a little more info about a fab talk you should totally come to - this Thursday 6th December - 7pm at Roxanne at the Verdict, Edward Street, Brighton - Tickets are in the link below.

I'm Emily Rose, I help run Letgo Studio - a creative Healthful Living platform bringing the Arts and Health together. One said project is a monthly health focused event held on the 1st Thursday. The project showcases awesome people and what they do. Here is how I met Sophie Trew and why you need to meet her.

I was about to qualify as a Nutritional Therapist and I wanted to get to a holistic festival, it was perfect timing 8th - 9th July 2017. I had the weekend off, and brought a last minute ticket to Trew Fields Festival. It was the first one EVER and it was exciting to see how a first festival works too. Welcomed by gorgeous weather, I pitched the tent in a breathtakingly beautiful setting in Surrey. Then strolled to the next field where I was greeted with smiley colourful glittery faces at the entrance gate. 

I wasn't sure what to expect but went with a curious, open mind, and was soon learning all about health and wellbeing. In between drumming circles, hearing stories from people about their experiences, meditations, massages and listening to Doctors speak about their integrative treatment plans. Each account was unique, each health practitioner had a different view point. One of the common shared grounds was a focus on the path of healing and supporting the person as a whole. 

There was yoga, fire shows, aerial hoop artists, and incredible world music on the main stage. The backdrop was a little stream next to gorgeous trees you could sit under for shade on a hay bale, or bask in the sun, watch the world go by and start chatting to another friendly face. I ate delicious vegan food, including fresh delights from Denisa Rățulea in her book 'cooking from the heart.' 'Conveniently located just by the large workshop tent so I could keep an ear out for more information, more stories, more inspiration. 

I believe it’s integral to forever expand my knowledge and understanding, regardless of my career choice and so I found myself at the World's First Holistic Cancer Awareness Festival. I spotted Sophie a few times in the crowd, she was buzzing from person to person with a huge smile. I got asked several times 'Have you met Sophie? You haven't? Oh she's inspiring' and endless compliments from every person I met. Sophie came up to say hello to me and my friend later in the day, she was still full of energy even though she hadn't stopped meeting and greeting all day. With warmth she asked how we heard about the festival and what we thought- of course it was a hit from us. I made so many lovely connections such as gorgeous Anna at BlissClouds sharing her Yoga and Sophie's brother, Ollie Trew giving a workshop on Manifesting your best self. Patrick Holford gave a talk, his book was one of the first health books I bought when I was 18 - 'The optimal bible of Nutrition' he runs ION institute of Optimal Nutrition in London. I found myself dancing with Dr Henning Saupe from Arcada clinic who gave an incredible insight into the work he does with his patients, an integrative practice with a medical and holistic approach. I helped out Russell James, the 'Raw Chef' on a demo with his wonderful foods under the old oak tree. I soon realised that everyone had some kind of connection with Sophie - mostly through her charisma but also through her blog 'Trew Talks' where Sophie posts about her cancer experience and journey. I left with a book full of notes, a bag of books, a head of inspiration and a lighter step.

The following year July 7th and 8th 2018 I had the pleasure of working with the fascinating 'Old Tree' a KOMBUCHA brewery based in Brighton. They make fermented gut healthy drinks Kombucha and Kefir and Beet Kavas. I helped to run fermentation workshops with their head brewess Eve Jones, as their in-house Nutritional Therapist. We gave a well attended workshop on the Saturday morning and spent the rest of the weekend sharing Kombucha, learning about Medicinal Mushrooms with Martin Powell (Grab the book Mushrooms 'The Essential Guide'), silent discos, The Wim Hoff Method (The Ice man), and made fab new connections such as the Life Sutra at her DoTERRA Essential oils Stand. Number 2 was bigger and better- it was glorious weather again, and I know even if it was rainy the energy would still be there.

Sophie Trew is a health activist and trained journalist who's encounter with blood cancer lead her to create the world's first cancer awareness and holistic health festival. After finding out she had blood cancer after making a documentary in South America and her unanswered questions from her GP visits, Sophie's background in journalism and research, led her wanting to explore. Asking big questions and putting together a holistic recovery plan alongside 6 months of chemotherapy - including taking care of her gut health, nutrition, meditating, supplements & exercising. Her cancer was in three body sites, with one lump the size of an orange on diagnosis - within 4 months she had a clear scan. From there, she started healing her mind, body and spirit.

In honor of the many friends and family that had struggled through cancer. Sophie wanted to use her experience as a force for good. Trew Fields Festival honours those who have died from the disease while giving meaning and hope to others. The event aims to bring light to the world of illness. The festival is a space to explore the integrative medicine approach, a connection to the mind-body and the whole person. With unique person-centred plans this is a space to bridge the health gap and connect both sides of the debate in an educational party setting.  

“I believe everyone should have access to all health information and at the moment, this isn’t readily available. Trew Fields​ is a space to explore this in an uplifting environment. When I was diagnosed it was a confusing and isolating time because although there was a lot of information, much of it was contradictory and negative. Through research I came across a proactive health and cancer community. Trew Fields​ was born out of a dream to bring together the people who inspired me in my recovery and a like-minded community in a context where we can share stories, exchange wisdom, have fun and build an empowered education movement. Above all, it’s about hope, which is often lacking.” Sophie Trew

The UK has some of the worst cancer survival rates in Europe. Latest statistics show 1 in 2 people will develop cancer at some point. Described as a 'restival' a place to rejuvinate Trew Fields Festival was developed with an amazing team and Sophie’s festival partner-in-crime, Will Herman who offered his family farm to host Trew Fields. It has already been a great success in just 2 years. The atmosphere has been described as 'walking into a giant hug' and it’s importantly noted by all that without the help and enthusiasm of family, friends and volunteers it wouldn't exist.

'Tequila to Spirulina' does the title make more sense now? Come find out more this Thursday. The talk has already traveled far and wide. Sophie will be diving into the power of the mind-body connection, post traumatic growth, and how to live in your authenticity and creativity.

Bring along something that is holding you back that you’ll like to let go of or anything you’d like to welcome into your life. We’ll be doing a manifesting exercise- whether that’s in relationships, career, health or happiness. Come and learn about life-enhancing tools and the power of our minds over our bodies. 

Doors open from 6:30pm for light refreshments from Old Tree Brewery and their tasty KOMBUCHA- the talk starts at 7pm.

See you there!

Much Love.



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