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Lucy Lepchani - 04 Apr 2021


"We are not outnumbered. We are out-organised" Malcolm X


Join a union and playing an active part in the workplace or TUC. 

Online activism.

Work in our own communities to show how socialism/anarchy/love is effective in action: a soup kitchen, community fridge, shopping delivery for elders - and most importantly…

Never underestimate the power of a conversation, and making facts known where ignorance would otherwise pass. 


Join or start an Antifascist group, or other social change movement. 

Engage in alternative economics Human Scale economics, donut economics, LETS schemes, freecycle, recycle, jugaard, food-coops of all scales (we one ran one in our living room, for around 10 families, once a month for about 5 years). 



Train to become a legal observer. 

Write articles. 

Print fanzines and posters. 

Sing songs in the street or speak poems in public places or arts events. 

Join or leave a political party. 

Support penal reform, either by financial donations, or by those organisations re-tweets; or study the subject and talk about it, write to an isolated prisoner, campaign for prison reform or support others who do. 

Be kind to those suffering from racist abuse - in practical ways: connect, walk by people's side, and continue to be there until they no longer need the support. 

Know the facts so that we can speak more truth. 

Know our privilege every time we walk into a situation with others present. 

Be prepared to reflect and apologise when necessary and true. 

Be kind. 

Be fierce. 

Learn how to have good boundaries and encourage others likewise. 

Make do and mend. 

Build a ramp. 

Grow flowers and vegetables from seeds and collect seeds from vegetables and flowers. 

Hold consciousness raising or education groups in community. 

Campaign for better facilities for travellers: sites, schools, medicine, working rights, and more. 



Obstruct injustice. 

Speak truth to power.


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