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- 17 Aug 2018


I reckon that theres about 20 mins difference between a packaged branded frozen version and this fresh vitamin fiber rich one .I know which I prefer ..and cost wise most probably cheaper .Shame the bun looks a bit mullered but life goes on lol

Latkes/Bhaji Hybrid burger with smoked hot paprika oven chips gherkins Roast romano pepper red onion and a grated raw beat and carrot and chive salad

I had a small Wobble on my vegetarian diet up at Campfire ,well quite a big one really, I succumbed to a rolled shoulder of lamb Sunday roast and a large glass of Merlot, that I totally enjoyed to be honest.(I think the meat might have been slow cooked in a vac pack bag by the colour of it but it did melt in the mouth)  But  now I am  back on track and not buying into the meat industry and thought I would share this with you all, and have even taken step by step photos to make duplicating it very easy .The burgers a lot like a Jewish Latkes in that it uses grated raw potatoes garlic onion and Ive used polenta to dust the pattie (not dissimilar to matzo flour but Ive used Besan instead and no wheat flour to bind  The only wheat is  in the brioche supermarket bap and fresh coriander, kale and carrot has changed the flavour and texture too  so Here it is 

Ingredients for burger 

 Raw grated white potato /Red onion /Fresh Kale /Fresh Coriander /Fresh Garlic /grated carrot/Besan /Sea salt /Cracked black pepper .

Ingredients for salad 

Raw grated Beetroot /Raw grated carrot /Fresh chives /Salt /fresh ground black pepper //White wine vinigar /High quality virgin press olive oil /


Roast red onion /Raw sliced tomato /Lettuce or spinach leaf ./sliced dill gherkin 

Smoked paprika chips 

 Peeled raw potato cut into chips Oil Hot smoked paprika  /salt pepper 


Remove stems from  kale and fine shred and chop the  fresh coriander and  grate potato (washing the starch out optional I didnt ) Grate carrot /fine slice onion /fine chop garlic /Add seasoning /bind with besan and enough water to get it like the photo .Then shape and dust in polenta or Metzo  

Heat a oven to about 200c -220c and heat a frying pan with oil and colour the burgers /chips and the Red onion for burger garnish .Now place on a tray and cook in oven till burgers cooked through and the Chips /Romano pepper are ready 

Then dress on a plate with the other garnish bits Ready Enjoy Campfire x




Ralph Pettingill

Cor! More fabulous grub! I will definitely make these (or a version). My mum used to make Latkes, though in our house they were called potato pancakes (my mum being German- sharing the European food connections). Thanks for sharing. And BTW I had a very tasty local sausage just now, passing through a little local market- very tasty, even though I find myself moving more and more towards a mainly plant diet. Love and thanks @Jeremy Pearce


Mandi Kimberley

Looks amazing. Processed food is the devils work. I agree its so easy and quick to make from fresh. Who needs takeaway or processed, full of god knows what. Eat real ?

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