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Pete Lawrence - 01 Nov 2018


It's surprising how many people who actively use the Zuckerberg social network aren't aware that they can take charge (to some extent) of their newsfeeds.

Facebook's algorithms work in mysterious ways so odd things, adverts and stuff will often pop up randomly. Last week, for example, when I had a brief messenger conversation with someone that mentioned PPI, I suddenly found that my newsfeed contained several posts with PPI adverts. 

But there are ways to make sure that you prioritise the feeds you want to see first. I'm currently on my laptop (mobiles and tablets will be different and also give you different newsfeeds)

You can 'follow' and 'see first' (I think there is a limit of 30 people / pages for 'see first') from their pages

Why do it? Personally I regularly review who I see first. It's like food really and what you allow into your life, into your ecosystem. Think of it this way - you're giving those people and pages a privileged position. It's basically similar to deciding what newspaper or magazine you 'take'. So choose with care and consideration. 

A couple of examples - you might decide that this week you want more politics, or less music, or vice versa. Or more from those posting about climate breakdown, and less about Brexit. If 'Bob' is just flooding your timeline with too many posts about nonsense, just deselect him. Rest assured,. whatever you select, Facebook's algorithms will respond accordingly!

So here are some tips.

Start by going to to a friend's or a group page and the 'follow' tab. You can find those via a simple search.

To start to manage your preferences, go to small downwards black arrow on the right of your main menu bar

Go to 'Newsfeed preferences'

Click on the first option 'Prioritise who you see first' - this will show you all those you have already 'followed' (you have to go to their profile / page to follow them - see later) 

you will see options for 'all', 'friends only' 'pages only' and 'people you see first'

Click on / off by clicking the photo thumbnail. You can manage your friend or groups this way

To select some as a 'see first' priority, you can click on them from here or also from their page by the pull down menu from the 'follow' tab - ie

You can also create custom lists for targetting your own posts beyond a binary 'friends' or 'public'

Go to any friend's profile and you can customise settings from there

So last weekend I made several new friends from the Brighton area. I will now start to create a new list called Brighton and can add friends via 'add to another list' option 

Click 'new list' and name it

You can then select that specific list by doing the following from your status updates

Open a status update window as usual 

Click 'newsfeed' and public

go to 'more'....

select 'specific friends'

select the custom list you want to send to

Stay in the loop if you're on Facebook aka Zuckerworld by joining our group, our announcements page or both! You can make sure you receive notifications if you're accessing on mobile by clicking on the right arrow on the right of the bold Campfire Convention group name, then checking 'following' and 'favourited' and then clicking 'more'...which will take you to a screen where you can check 'all posts' or just 'highlights' if you wish.


and hey presto, Bob's yer uncle.

I hope these have been useful. I'll try and get around to doing one for mobiles too, which is completely different, of course.

Right, now that I have imparted all that techie wisdom, how's about following myself and the Campfire group (open discussion) and page (announcements) ☺

Of course, another solution is to get off Facebook altogether and spend your time surrounded by lovely Campfire people!



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