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Kimm Fearnley - 04 Sep 2018


There is really no excuse in dishing up boring vegetables with the vast amount of resources available in bookshops, magazines and online to help - and signing up to veg basket is a wonderful incentive to eat more of Nature's bounty. Mine has seem me buried in my recipe books and digging out my old recipe cards.

I love spicy food and two of my most thumbed cookbooks are Meera Sodha's Made In India and the follow up, Fresh India. Simple ingredients and usually quick to make if you have a store cupboard of spices. I love a spice tin and the one I treasure belonged to my daughter and it makes me smile every time I use it. Cooking was another passion we shared - especially Indian cooking. The first time we made Meera's 100 Clove Garlic Curry from her first book it didn't even make to to a plate as the two of us greedily ate it straight out of the pan, first from a spoon before we graduated to dipping chunks of fresh bread in it until every scrap of the caramelised deliciousness was gone. We laughed a lot in the kitchen and we ate a lot too.

I also love Hugh Fearnley- Wittingstall's Veg books but any search online will give you with thousands of options.

With just a pile of beans and couple of potatoes from my Deans Court Veg Basket and I settled on this dish which makes a excellent vegan supper - this version is from Vegetarian Gastronomy. 

You can leave out the Asafoetida but I think it adds a perfect tang and is readily available online.

Serve with Rice or Naan Bread and squeeze of lemon.

I often steam green beans and add them lukewarm to my salads - especially nice with lettuce, peas, steamed asparagus,chives, artichokes and shaved parmesan dressed with simple olive oil and lemon.

Happy cooking.



Pete Lawrence

Yum! x

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