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Campfire Voice - 25 Nov 2018


Check out this handy map below of Extinction Rebellion groups around the country and links to their Zuckerpages, put together by @BethanNowell on Twitter who is currently maintaining the map manually.

Campfire would like to work collaboratively with activists to build resources and also to further develop its software to offer our Beacons  so groups can set up their own Xr Beacon with collaborative posting, building resources etc.  See Frome Beacon as an example. But we already have our Beacons structure in place. Read what you can use them for and how to go about setting one up.

If you would like to create an Extinction Rebellion Beacon you need to join the Campfire community, create a Profile and our membership model is currently a 'pay what you feel' donation, minimum £20 per year (you can write to if you cannot afford to buy a membership but want to be active in our community)

Campfire is founded upon values and principles that support ideas around a new model for independent social networking.




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