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By Pete Lawrence, 13 December 2018 12:10
Learn about fact-checking on Facebook or see below for FAQs that are relevant to publishers.
Facebook fact-checking in disarray as journalists push to cut ties
It has not been a good year for Facebook. The company has been hit by a series of scandals about data, privacy and hate speech. Alex Hern, the Guardian’s UK tech editor, discusses how Mark Zuckerberg responded to the crisis
Facebook investors have called on the company’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg to step down as chairman, following reports that the company hired a public relations firm to smear its critics by drawing links to George Soros.
'Resign from Facebook': experts offer Mark Zuckerberg advice for 2019
The future of social networking is actually quite simple. It must lie in a smarter business model that is free of algorithms and advertising and doesn’t harvest and exploit data.
The tech giant’s astonishing growth is entirely based on drawing on what it knows of its users, whatever its CEO might sorrowfully tell us
When it came to sharing fake news on Facebook during the 2016 election, no age group was quite as active as those aged 65 and older, according to a new study.
Move comes after Facebook exploited loophole to harvest data about apps installed on people’s iPhones
Shoshana Zuboff’s new book is a chilling exposé of the business model that underpins the digital world. Observer tech columnist John Naughton explains the importance of Zuboff’s work and asks the author 10 key questions
The Federal Trade Commission and Facebook are negotiating over a multi-billion dollar fine that would settle the agency’s investigation into the social media giant’s privacy practices, according to two people familiar with the probe.
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