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Pete Lawrence - 12 May 2017



As new social initiatives go, Dignity Platform is a great example of the way society should be going - a revolution in fundraising and 'people before profit' organisations.

Why have our most inspiring organisations been reduced to begging for funds? Why hasn't fundraising changed in 25 years?Why do many large charities still fail to listen to their supporters? And why is Government cutting the funding for our solutions ? Find some answers here..

Time to give fundraising an update...Let's give fundraising Dignity.

"A Fundraising Standards Board report said that 8,000 people complained about being cold-called at home in the UK in 2014."

Set up a year ago as a C.I.C and founded by Luke Flegg, Pasco Jack and Jo Thorpe, v.1 of their platform is live now, though they're working hard to make it a better user experience. What will help is proving to funders that people are using it in its early stages.

Luke Flegg explains the motivation behind this new initiative:

"I feel extremely lucky because since I was a teenager, I’ve been making films for inspiring organisations and projects around the world. But I also feel really frustrated because people who are skilled and really passionate about these causes are often reduced to a wallet and pestered for donations - as if that’s all we’re good for. I want to do everything I can to create more exciting opportunities for people to be part of solutions, not just revenues. We are all full of ideas, skills, dreams, gifts. And those of us who don’t realise we’re rich in all these things, need reminding. It’s easy to forget, in a world so obsessed with money and ego. I am motivated by our potential to create belonging in community for each other, to inspire one another into meaningful action, and to uplift our neighbourhoods through open minds and open doors.​




Katherine Lucy Sang

Love this!


Luke Flegg

Glad you like what we're doing Katherine : ]
Let me know if you want to get in touch x


Luke Flegg

We're seeking a volunteer (or 2)
plus a paid Lead Developer.
Feel free to Share :)

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