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Julie Horsley - 12 Mar 2020


This is the time for responsible foraging...

I love foraging.  Any kind of foraging and particularly berries, wild garlic, alexanders, nettles, tree needles and leaves, wild herbs, nuts... the list is endless.  

As I mentioned in my article entitled "Nature's Apothecary", we have many health companions right on our doorstep and now we have opportunities to plant herb and wild medicine plant seeds. 

Thieves Oil blend (mentioned here) is an incredibly important addition to our home apothecary during these times.

I was incredibly privileged to forage with Robin Harford alongside Simon Mills at Exeter Quay.  It was incredible how nature had reclaimed so much and offers such bounty to support human health. Simon is mentioned in the following update and has an encyclopedic knowledge of wild medicine. See his take on how we can build our strength here. Here too is Robin's update on the Coronavirus:  Herbal Antiviral treatments and other resources. 


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