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Kimm Fearnley - 15 Sep 2018



Roast two med beetroots in a little olive oil, add chickpeas (I cook mine from dried so either half a cup of dried beans cooked or a tin of cooked).  Lime juice from three limes, fresh parsley about a tablespoon, three heaped tablespoons tahini, a little water from the chickpea can or cooking fluids, three tablespoons of good olive oil and fresh parsley. 

 Whizz in a good processor and loosen with water and olive oil to desired consistency and add salt to taste.                                    



LATE SUMMER SWEET PASTA SAUCE.                                           Sweat an onion and I large green pepper in a little olive oil for about 10mins in low heat, add garlic, a little chopped fresh red chilli and stir for a minute, add about 500g tomatoes of any kind, and simmer. Add a teaspoon of sugar.

Add half a tablespoon of salt, teaspoon of dried oregano, and when tomatoes have broken down add a tin of chopped tomatoes and cook for ten more mins until thickened on low to medium heat.

Add one chopped aubergine, and coat with the sauce. Allow to cook slowly until aubergines are soft and adjust seasoning. Use a hand-held food mixer and whizz until smooth.

I add a special ingredient called Wild Cherry Balsamic from the Isle of Wight but you could add a little ordinary balsamic to add richness. 

Use for pasta with a little grated Parmesan (there are good veg versions) or as a base for lasagne. I will freeze this and use in the winter. 


I roasted the leftover chickpeas until crunchy and tossed in a little chill powder, olive oil and salt for a healthy snack, to add crunch to salads or to serve with drinks. 


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