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Jeremy Pearce - 15 Nov 2019


"At the end, when we looked at each other, we both looked and felt like we had been completely stunned " "Its like a hypnotic sensory attack of complete sound bombardment "

Ever wondered where all the  musical decent went?  Is "Everybody happy these days" ?  (Buzzcocks ) The answers definatly no.  Every time I go outside my front door and venture 400 metres down my road I see my first beggar?   Confronting the dying and addicted broken, in freezing misery has never been part of my normalization or "Britishness" Its like waking up taking a dump, eating breakfast and going to work on a packed sardine tin for an ever decreasing pittance? 

Ever wondered why a honest working wage buys less?  Ever wondered how today as I started penning this.  Prince Andrew defended himself in a press statement  saying  that he "Let the side down" When caught out attending the wrong type of under seventeens away Sport Event (Sick) ?.  Ever questioned the debt economy and the " Bank Bail Out ".  Ever listen to FM radio or read the mainstream press or watch TV ?  Do you buy Murdoch media or pay a BBC license ?  As I complete this the BBC has been caught out editing the audience openly laughing at Boris Johnstone on question time a few weeks back.  (source Independent )  Do you believe the news ?  Can you decifer fact from fiction ?  Are you living the dream or ever questioned the fact that something else is trying to plant the dream in your sub concious. Have you ever voted Tory ?

A year or so ago, one of my friends who has a staring role in a popular DAB Soul radio station and promoter, asked the question where has the spirit of Punk, 2 Tone or 60s radicalism and the politicization in popular music  gone?  On his FB feed a pretty profound question for a man in his 60 s  who,s famous for his House and funk collection.  No one could answer his question on his feed ?   Some one mentioned the Idles and another Sleaford Mods (6 music dabblers ) and they were all oblivious in to the underground "Grime movement ".  I put a You tube link for Gnods, Just Say No to the right wing faschist war machine and for a young Bristol band called Regime, who impressed me so much by their lyrical dexterity and eloquent decent after  coming across them up at a mates mini festival, where I bought their EP off them.

I could have gone on band after band, but there was no point.  The  UK is now like an elevator with people stuck on different levels, but the lift for the top floor only opens its doors with the right swipe access.

Its run by an establishment company that pumps the same muzac down the floors below, to enhance the effects of the states perception.  One thing for sure the lift deffinatly is not playing any of these bands, and a lot more lifts are going down to the basement than up to the luxury penthouse apartments on the top floor.

Tonight I took my girlfriend along, she had no pre conception of these bands and when it ended, we just looked at each other compeletly stunned. What we had watched was almost  beyond description.  We arrived in perfect time.  Enough time for a pint in the Boston Arms.  Its the cavenous and still thriving rough working mans pub attached to the same block as the Dome and the Boston rooms.

The Dome had a middle aged lady on door security that night who was a real life embodyment of the house keeper in the sit com " Father Ted " and was entertainment all on her own.  We climbing the stairs into the cavanous black gig space that is the Dome.  Hey Colossus were just about to take the stage.  I have left info links for anyone who wants to know more about them and to check them out.  The bands been going along time and has a large underground cult following, from extensive touring in Europe.  My German mates are mad on them. They consist of three guitars, bass drums, vocals and are formidable live.  Very tight, very loud and very powerful, something all these bands booked for tonights gig share .

Part Chimp

This band I had no knowledge of except the name and are also long formed.  ( Ive left wiki etc for the curious ).  What are Part Chimp like?   They are a very very powerful rock band with two guitar bass drums. The guitar sounds heavy, processed and quite unique in the sound. They have a history of cult splinter projects .They are not easy listening, but no one here is looking for that.  They were better than good.


I have seen 1000s of bands.  I have watched bands and musicians playing all types of music.  Some made me cry both in joy and pain, some have made me dance, some have hypnotized me.

Gnod are the only band along with the "Acid Mothers Temple " that give me the same sensation as my first experience of Gnod.  They make me feel like Ive had all the blood drained out of me, even by half way through a set like a shock wave.  Its like a physical sensory attack of hypnotic sound bombardment.  I have watched them in different line ups.  The first time was with two bass guitars and two drummers. The last few times with one bass and two drummers and everytime they just rip my perception into shreds. They are from Manchester and have to be experienced first hand, to grasp the physical power .They have something to say too.  They are too real to ever be mainstream consumption.

I bought a vinyl copy of Aquarian Downer.  Their colaberation with White Hills on 180 grammes ,blue black swirl pressing and a limited edition A3 poster thats hanging on my wall next to me as I type this piece.

All in all a perfect Sunday night in North London and if anyone who reads this goes and checks them out I am sure they will agree that Gnod are possibly one of the most powerful bands ever to grace the planet.

Campfire x


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