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Lucy Wills - 14 Feb 2020


Happy Valentine's day everyone!

And as so many of you are so big hearted, and think so much of others, here's a little treat for *your* heart.

Grab a cushion and find a quiet place to sit next to a wall.

Sit right up next to the wall, and on the cushion.

Swing your legs around and lie back so that your legs run up on the wall. Let them relax there.

Rub your hands together to warm them and then place them over your heart.

Breathe a little slower than usual, and imagine the warmth from your hands pouring into your heart.

Leave your hands there or let them fall to the side, and just rest there for about 5 minutes.

Finish gently by turning to the side again and come up slowly.. This is how you give your heart a relaxing break, and apparently it's great for anxiety too.

Spread the heart love!


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