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Scilla Elworthy - 24 Oct 2017


Tomorrow, hear Afghanistan's first lady Rula Ghani on her work in empowering women as agents of peace:

"Afghanistan’s women historically have mediated in conflicts among families and tribes, their role often seen as a last resort to stop bloodshed. That tradition has been eroded by four decades of war and the increased influence of more restrictive cultural ideas from neighboring countries and the Middle East.

But from Kabul to the mountains of Kunar province, activist Afghan women are reclaiming their place in peace processes."





Kimm Fearnley

@Scilla Elworthy I have recently started researching ancient folklore and storytelling inspired by the book Women Who Run With Wolves by Dr Melissa Pinkols Estes. The role of women as peacemakers, keepers of stories - of being the wise women of villages and tribes has become eroded and the stories changed as it became necessary to defend territory with brute force. Women who had power were often, later, and particularly with the increasing power of the church, branded witches and silenced, and subdued. I am feeling and dreaming constantly the power in the legends of the original wild woman, Lilith (Adams first wife) who was demonised so much that many of my Hebrew friends are only just daring to speak of her. The calling for women to step up and make the peace is growing. I have just been reading about the amazing 50 women journalists from Jin News in Turkey - posted a link on CC just now. So much bravery! The waking up is happening. Thank you for your inspirational guidance in your books and seminars. They help those of us who don't know where to start, to start. X

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