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Jeremy Pearce - 17 Mar 2020


Some band are good .This bands one of the best of the current new psychedelic bands .They are as good as it gets #The future of Rock and Roll May be ?

The Prettiest Eyes

.As far as I know they come from LA .They are a 3 piece Drum s /Bass /Keys and they sound like themselves and cut well above the tired retro Psych bands in the Kansas fringe Rodger Daltery Capes .I headed out to levitation to see Pigs x7 a band Ive seen lots and will continue to do so .I also caught up with my German mates we had nothing better to do with Liverpool Psych fest canceled that year (See Campfire review ) This will as I write most probably be the last gig for a while .So Please enjoy the footage I shot and stay safe

Campfire x


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