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Helen Lennard - 13 Apr 2019


How to create perfect podcasts and recordings for radio

As part of the Campfire Mentorship Circle I will be offering half a day’s course for anyone interested in making their own podcast, learning the techniques behind great interviews or the process involved in telling stories in sound.

I have been producing radio shows for many years and look forward to sharing my experience of music, documentary and current affairs programme making.

The morning will be shaped by the interests and aims of those who attend but I hope to cover the basics of

  • how to capture good sound in different locations and situations
  • What makes a good interview, how to ask the right questions and how to be both a good interviewee and a good interviewer. A useful tool for life!
  • What makes a good story and how to tell it in audio
  • Building a sonic landscape and the edit process
  • What is a podcast and how to make your own

Location :   Fora Soho Podcast studio

Date : Friday 21st June.


  • 10.30am           Coffee and Introductions
  • 10.45                Podcasts and Radio We Love
  • 1115                 Basic recording techniques
  • 1145                 Interview Techniques
  • 1215                 Practise and playback
  • 1230                 The edit and upload
  • 1pm                  Finish             

Number of Places    8

Price  £40

Booking via the Campfire Fundrazr page

Here is the Radio 4 Open Country programme Helen made for the BBC back in Llanthony and remembering the first Big Chill