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Kimm Fearnley - 25 Mar 2019


How be Yoga - a day workshop on living an authentic life.

Location : Poole, Dorset

Date: 9th February 2020

6 x places

Yoga is not just a series of asanas, it is an ancient practice with the fundamental aim of training the body to be able to sit in meditation for long periods of time. The basis of the practice is based around the 8 Limbs of Yoga and the Yamas and Niyamas. These practices are often lost in some of the modern yoga on offer but they are incredibly helpful in assisting us in developing a more peaceful way of living.


This one day workshop is offered to those seeking a deeper understanding of what causes the stresses and imbalances in daily life and how to utilise ancient wisdom to bring greater harmony and gratitude into daily routines. We will look at the benefits of rituals and how to develop our own, the creation of altars and there will be a despacho fire ceremony to round off the day.

Vegan lunch is included.

£100 - for a full day with full proceeds to Campfire Crowd Funding

Booking via Fundrazr crowdfund page



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