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Julie oldfield - 24 Apr 2019


Sunday July 14th   

Fire on Metal – how my art evolves

Come and join me around the Campfire in my garden in Lyme Regis. I will be giving a talk about my work, my inspirations and my experimental arts practice that I have been developing over the last few years. 

I will be showing how I use the patination and heating of metal sheets (typically brass, copper, aluminium and stainless steel) as a foundation for my mixed media sky and landscape paintings. Playing with metal chemistry using acids, alkalis, fire and natural weathering brings out the luminance and radiance of my skyscapes. These experimental techniques can have unpredictable results and inspire the further development of my skies by adding and scraping away pastels and spray paints. 

The resulting images are not intended to be exact records, like a photograph. My work gives an impression of the environment and is intended to provoke contemplation and an emotional response by the observer.  I will demonstrate the use of fire on metal at an actual campfire if weather permits. 

Afterwards, we can chat around the fire and widen the discussion, maybe even set up a Lyme Campfire Beacon? 

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