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Pete Lawrence - 09 Jan 2017


Here's a list of @matt black's films watched in 2016 (not all made in 2016), as enjoyed by himself and partner Dini

(In random order)

Absolutely Fabulous - Silly yes, ROFL yes yes yes!


Grand Budapest Hotel - coupla years old but an absolute surreal hoot


Zero Therorem- Terry Gilliam psychedelic wild and wooly sci-fi fun mashup. Vision of AR advert/babylon future is damn good and funny. Zero=Infinity FTW 


Spectre - Bond is my guilty pleasure. I remember this was fun but not much else about it. 


Mr Nobody- existential sci-fi forking realities headfuck , odd sexy and ambitious


Spotlight - Oscar winning story about Boston Globes expose of Catholic church child abuse and cover up. Positive.


Victoria - superb 1 shot Berlin thriller. Unlike anything else.


I Daniel Blake - Ken Loach nails the UKs viciously dysfucntional benefits system with tragic accuracy. Angry/weepy but essential


Queen of KatweDinaz Stafford my dear wife worked wonders in the slums of Kampala to help Mira Nair make this uplifting and beautiful film based on an African girls true story of chess grit


Carol - Superb women's forbidden love story with passion empathy and insight. Kate Blanchett rocks. 


Mustang - independent unusual beautiful and stirring story of 5 Turkish sisters and the youngest leading the fight to not be ground down by bullshit fossilised patriarchy. Some LOLZ too!


Unlocking the Cage - Pennebaker and Hegedus, the legendary doc makers, super new work on the cutting edge fight to bring personhood rights to non human animals. Fascinating. As science shows more and more how other animals have attributes previously considered only human, the case for their exploitation weakens...see Blackfish doc.


The Look of Silence - follow up to The Act of Killing, dir Joshua Oppenheimer uncovers the Indonesian genocide horror story. ONLY FOR THE HEADSTRONG , I could not process this or AOK in any normal frameworks but this is essential to try to understand how evil actually works. 


Inside out - whilst in seemingly cute guise Pixar go deep into the human psyche...surely the only blockbuster animation ever to really show how sadness cannot be exiled from existence and we must embrace it all. Clever and kind.


Midnight Special - unusual sci-fi about a kid with special powers in a dysfunctional cult, feat. a good Dad. Something different.


Arrival - IMO the soundtrack ups the ante for film music and electronic music generally. The film works as an AV masterpiece. Sound design and composition, often seeming separate, are wonderfully fused here. I like the game theory cooperation premise also, and found the reaction to Aliens arriving convincing.


Chronicle - thanks to Aneek Thapar for giving me this for Xmas, alt indi super powers sci fi ...power corrupts! decent.




Bruce Bickerton

Chronicle was on the box this weekend - I'm not a big film watcher, but whilst channel hopping chanced upon this and it definitely kept my attention.


Ruth Wallsgrove

Anybody else enjoy Captain Fantastic? I didn't notice it on release, but happily watched a couple of times on flights. Viggo M brilliant as always, and I loved the way the children talked. Leftwing hippy fantasy x


Sean Prentice

I enjoyed it, yes...although, as a home educator myself, I took the list of home ed usual suspect stereotypes (the feral kid with a hunting knife and skull collection...the genius semi-socially-inept-auto-didactic teenager who gets a place at each and every Ivy League university...etc) portrayed therein with a pinch of fantasy salt, and decided not to be too critical. Other people I spoke to in our home ed community were not so forgiving. All that said I plan to invest Noam Chomsky Day as an annual holiday this least for our family...

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