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Jeremy Pearce - 12 Jan 2019


It felt like I was sitting in a Saga Coach Trip to never never land Most of the people here would be dead within 10 years.

Since I was a boy I have been politically conscious .I attended a school that actively encouraged political debate.  One of the English teachers used to head up to the Crass commune in Epping to argue politics as one example of the diversity and beauty of the place and It feels now that it planted a dormant seed in my head that austerity sprouted vigorously.

One  member of my sixth form year sits in the house of commons as a Tory and another is standing as Lib Dem chancellor for Chelmsford. Over the last few years, I have found myself getting more and more disillusioned with what has been happening around me and my answer has been to write about it -  pro activist therapy!

I started to go on political rallies, getting more and more clued up about what has been happening around me. It was pretty disturbing growing up under Thatcher having started secondary school in 77 before the CCTV cameras and before the worship of ruthless greed and accumulation of material wealth became more important than human decency and kindness.

I can remember the inner city riots and the miners strikes and CND rallies and the Poll Tax riots. My memories of this time are completely different to the (Air Brushing of history) that happened after Thatcher died. By a chance or maybe fate, I ended up beta testing on the embryonic Campfire site and started collating my experiences  thoughts and formulating them into structured format that I could share. Through Campfire I have met a lot of people who have very similar ethics, people who think outside the box and want to change things for the better. There is the famous Martin Luther King "Dream" speech that fits in quite nicely with Campfire.

On Friday I was bombarded with theories, ideas and concepts. I also got bombarded with possible deluded fantasy and truth . My personal views on establishment controlled political models is cynical and getting more so as what is happening now gets messier and dumber. I also was able to listen to people who were talking about how the propaganda machine worked on Brexit and how the "dark money" bubbled up to the surface during the campaign. Not unlike the magic money trees roots that end well and are truly Off Shore - because the Tory party is in fact conjoined with the very banking systems and money laundering systems and tax avoidance systems that the Corporation of London give haven to, that suck everything out. I find quite perverse after the "crash "and Brexit and after being sold the Idea of austerity as the only solution. Something that they not Europe inflicted on us and now almost ten years on the economy is about to go seriously tits up and it's almost like its been designed to do so.

We have record household debt. It's falling to bits because the directed impoverishment of a large section of society is now actually preventing the kind of cash flow that capitalist economies actually need to sustain growth. Instead of trying to prevent this happening again, Cameron and Osbourne have basically let the people that control them get even more reckless. It has been like a group of sadists inflicting masochist pain on the electorate and unlike the French, we just let them do it. Day in and day out as a normal part of living - like waking up having a cup of tea something to eat and taking a dump.

I reached the Emmanuel Centre just in time for the afternoon session hosted by Mary Fitzgerald. I was a bit upset missing Caroline Lucas' Keynote speech at the start and I still haven't had time to watch it online.  The lady at the desk didn't mind that my name was different to the ticket purchase. I had my bag searched and then entered. The conference space was circular in shape and was filled with rows of wooden pews It was a place of worship with inscriptions carved into the walls. I looked around at the crowd who I was about to sit down with. I was a bit shocked by the age. They were predominantly retirement age and most looked like they had sorted their pensions out and were affluent. A few people were wearing the felt referendum berets. there were very few people in the place who I would expect to be alive in ten years time. I felt like I was sitting in the middle of a Saga coach trip to never never land regarding many of them as far as I was concerned .

1.35pm How can a Peoples Vote be done better ?

This was the one I really wanted to watch and it delved into something that fascinated me more in fact than the vote outcome. It was about the propaganda machine that propelled the manipulated national emotion and how it was clandestinely bank rolled. Fake news /BBC/Foreign money .The electoral commission and Russia. This featured Carole Cadwalladr. In case her name doesn't ring a bell, she is the Guardian investigative journalist who opened the can of worms that is Cambridge Analytica  It also had Nick Cohen and Adam Ramsay and was chaired by Peter Jukes. 

They attempted to explain that the amount that was spent on the Leave campaign was in fact far greater than the excess that was declared over the legal spend limit. A lot of this money came from dark sources with a vested interest in manipulating the vote. Some was channelled in from offshore accounts moved by fake company fronts. It was like watching an organized crime movie in fact. Some came from Russian sources that makes the Tory Russia stance farcical. It explained how fake news was passed on to the General public by outlets like the BBC, whose journalists and presenters purposely never ran any kind of fact check - a phrase that James O'Brien the LBC talk host used later that I hadn't heard before. Vast numbers of the population were also intentionally prevented from any vote at all. This is not fake this is the truth and it still hasn't come up to the surface in the mainstream yet and it is not not surprising considering Murdoch /Barclay brothers /Express/Star and Fail are all in it together, with a vested interest to keep it so. As for the BBC, its news coverage isn't fit for purpose anymore. 

2.10 pm Strange Passions of Brexit 

This panel didn't really have the punch of the 1.35pm and the 4.10 ones that really made me stand to attention. This addressed why all hate was directed at Europe and not Westminster. It came to the conclusion that the national psych can't get its head round losing its imperial, arguably mythical status and that the aristocracy can't either and as a result, they have to blame someone else for the gross mismanagement of the nation. Brilliant deduction, Holmes 

2.50 EU Reality Check 

This one was supposed to address the question 'what If we went back, would the EU let us back in?' Also the rise of the far right that very strangely didn't mention anything about EU austerity program. It also mentioned the French Yellow Jackets ignorantly. This movement is very much due to austerity and very much a product of the same mentality of politicians as we have had to endure for the last decade, feeding wealth up without compensating to the normal waged and just pushing them over till the only option is a mass mobilization onto the streets. I would have thought with the strength of the panel they might have  been more elating, but since most of them were MEP coupled with the pro-EU leaning of the event, it was not surprising. They also asked people to put their hands up regarding who they voted for in the election and it was predominantly Labour with some green and a few Liberals. I don't see now how anyone could vote for them at all after Clegg, who showed them up for what they really are, the kind of elitists who put an entire class of people into debt for the audacity of wanting to gain higher education. Noam Chomsky you are  right!   They also asked people to say if they would vote Labour again if Corbyn was still in charge - most of them said no and this was no surprise either.

My second half of this piece will go into this a lot deeper but I doubt many in the room actually would have known why unless they had been out on the march the following day like I was sandwiched between the anarchists and the Neo Nazis communists and the socialists. In something not really dissimilar to all the colliding factors that was the Spanish civil war but on Trafalgar Square!

3.15 pm Broken Britain

This had a young panel. Well in their 20's and would have been a parody of Janet Street Porters youf TV decades before  if it hadn't have had Osaro Otobo an Anglo Nigerian who was more clued up than a packet of Smarties and Diore Finn who was from Northern Ireland. Osaro very eloquently explained age demographic voter apathy and why a great section of voters felt betrayed and quite rightly too. He also delved into ethnic vote and age demographics. Diore explained what it was like being in Northern Ireland, a place that hasn't had a functioning democratic parliament for months - and hopes and fears for the future. Quite an incredible fudge considering its a place that until very recently was tearing its self to bits with sectarian violence caused by the very kind of incompetent elitist fools in charge of Brexit at the moment 

4.10pm Fiction and Brexit .

This one ran quite parallel with the 1.35 pm slot and had Jonathan Coe who has written a book on the subject who seemed to merely read bits out of it in the similar way to which Brexit was played out in the media - nonsensical and with very little meaning. I would have to read it to really get what he was trying to get across. James O'Brien on the other hand has written a book but hadn't bothered bring it with him because he didn't need to. James is the political talk show host on LBC who hasn't been bought. His strength is that he is never condescending and never tries to belittle. He was taking his analysis of how and why Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage were allowed to just rant farcically with the media seeming to give them more space, the more outlandish the lies became. He also explained that he doesn't hang out with politicians at all and doesn't owe them anything. He did have a lot to say about how most of the existing political debate shows are bent and quite a bit about Cameron's negativity. He also used the term 'fact checker'. So surely in a political debate involving two sides shouldn't there be someone standing in the middle actually checking the viability of what's being said when it comes to this kind of national importance? This being implemented is not impossible but its not, because if the referendum was fought on truth, the people who were stage managing it wouldn't have been able to would they? He also brought up the Gove quote that really summed it up that went something like "Britons have had enough of experts".

James was also getting quite deep into the concept of what a word actually means. This brought it to a different level for me, a true sideway thinking not dissimilar to the concept of Acid Corbynism as far as I am concerned. I think he used the words 'EU Corporate' and 'law' as examples .and then explained this meant nothing unless the actual word and the context to what it was obtaining to was broken down into separate components. I think he used the "take back control" line - a statement that is actually very strong but has as much substance as say "Heinz means Beanz" unless each word and context is broken down and linked to a solid piece of fact. "Taking back control" ...Of what exactly? Nothing - just a load of Orwellian double-speak as far as I am concerned. James was the star and can think on his feet faster than 99% of lying self serving politicians. 

4.45 Update the future of Campaigning .This went into what is being learnt from the Brexit debacle that is still going on. With Lord Adonis, James McGrory, Paul Hilder and Eloise Todd and chaired by Gaby Hinsliff. So these people were trying to work out how they could reach the people who didn't vote or voted leave but would now vote remain or could be persuaded otherwise. The man in the brown leather momber jacket was talking like an advertising executive about to launch a new soap product, Lord Adonis was talking like a Lord and I can't even remember what the others had to say. Perhaps they should have all gone off with me on the Yellow Jackets march and felt the kind of vibe I got off one of the neo Nazi sitting with a group of his mates with the Union Jack scarf sitting on the  wall surrounding the square  giving off the kind of vibe of a man who wouldn't think twice about lobbing a nail bomb into the middle of the crowd listening to John McDonell making a speech whist the odd fascist or Class War activist was being dragged out by police. Going back on the vote is a betrayal to the right wing  patriots and the White Cliffs of Dover John Bull Symbolization and Spitfires and all the imagery  that Farage used. Maybe I hve overreacted but I think Cameron's seriously let something loose that just isn't going to go away until something combusts, especially as the mess drags on and on after he ran away from the accident he created even before the trains proverbially collided and they still haven't. The trains are just gathering speed and getting very close to impact ! 

5.15 Another Politics is Possible  Tom Brake MP Will Dry, Femi Oluwole and Madeleina Kay 

This was more optimistic and more positive and more grounded into reality than some of the speakers .This was getting closer to accepting that  the main political parties offering doesn't work and also the concept of Peoples Assemblies,  the kind of ground-up politics that Corbyn has put back into the Labour party - bottom up grass roots and decentralized. And then how can a nation regain faith in a political system that just basically betrayed them, and that has shown them up for what they really are? Also reform in Europe within the Union itself - could the Union work if it was decentralized? It's a lot to achieve but with enough forward thinking, who knows and I reckon the Greens are ahead of the game at the moment. And as for the site I am writing this on, the goal is not dissimilar at all. Another politics is possible. It's for the future.

6.00 Caroline Lucas 'Wrap up' as it was described in the program. It was the first time I had heard her speak in public and she is everything the Tory Reptilian grey skinned reptile isn't. She appears warm and speaks assertively and honestly, with a clear vision for the future. I listened to the deputy head of the Greens earlier on last year talk up at the Hoe St Bank project in Walthamstow on economics and he was miles ahead of Mc Donnell on taxation and economics. A lot of the things including what Extinction Rebellion are trying to achieve, the image of the Greens being full of cranks is something in the figment of the right wing media's propaganda machine and it couldn't be further from the truth. They are now a serious entity. It makes me wonder why they get pushed out of the mainstream media - I guess anything that shows the conservatives up for what they really are!

Yellow Jackets March 12/1/19 

Back before I started my writing I went on the first civil action to try and remove Cameron. It was very small,  held when a leak revealed that he had basically fiddled his tax to an amount that would have, (if he hadn't have been a privileged elite and above the law) implicated that the Inland Revenue would have seized his assets and banged him up. I was drinking ESB in the pub facing Whitehall watching what was happening. A few weeks later 50000 marched on Downing St demanding that he resigned and the BBC News blacked it completely. Then the anti Austerity march and the movement to try and stop the destruction of the NHS got massive and again the BBC news blacked it out. Then there was the massive march the day Blur played Hyde Park. There were the Panama Papers too and this was way before probably the most openly corrupt and incompetent Prime Minister and architect of British austerity decided to let the referendum vote loose and he stepped down after the vote was counted. Then May, his Home secretary at the time, who passed more Draconian abuses of the population's rights than any politician ever pulled the baton out of the cow pat when Gove and Boris and Farage ran away for a week and hid. Here we are now, stuck at the mercy of a party that has completely effectively forgotten what its purpose to the nation is and in a continuous meltdown due to biting off something that can't be swallowed during all the internal squabbling and back stabbing .

The BBC - When someone  declares that they don't want to pay the license fee the online form gives some options asking why? There is no option that states that the reason that I refuse to pay for or to watch any BBC television or catch up or Iplayer services is in fact that the BBC uses public funding to produce and procure biased, distorted and fake news coverage as well as content that's sole purpose is to provide propaganda for the present Tory government. Recent marches have been purposely started outside its building on Portland Place next to the Langham Hotel so to make it completely inexcusable for say a march of 50000 people a mile away not to some how get reported as a major news story.

The march on Saturday was scheduled to assemble at 12pm. Class War were set up on the right of the BBC entrance with a big banner that I included in my photos of the two days of events. They were hurling abuse at the people gathering. There was vegetarian food on a big pedal trike in 3 large Colman boxes and poppadoms, to sustain the marchers courtesy of the Hari Krishna Temple. The police surveillance was not surprisingly extensive, facial recognition cameras, sound recording devises too. Officers were writing notes in pencil on paper. Surprisingly there was no police helicopter. The police were City some Met and a lot of if I remember rightly what was written on their uniforms - liaison community officers in blue vests who were marching with the main bulk as it left to head on the same route as the Trump one had a few months before. On the journey, it gathered more people, some wearing the yellow reflective safety vests, some not .There were Brazilians protesting about the right wing coup and civil rights abuses in their country and there were Russians protesting over the clampdown and detention of left wing groups critical of Putin. RT broadcasts selectively for its own political agenda.  

When the march reached Trafalgar Square, I reckon about 2000 people had turned up. A stage was set up against the foot of Nelsons Column and I stayed to watch the speakers that included a couple of French Gillet Jaune activists from Normandy (whether they were actually a fair example of a movement that is completely decentralized, I don't know. They explained that their protest was peaceful and was a backlash to French austerity and that they wanted nothing to do with Brussels and wanted France out of the European Union so France as a nation could concentrate on making its economy and living standards better and look after its own people To some extent, this might explain Corbyn's stance at the moment, perhaps the Union is about to die...   If he does succeed in getting an election called and wins it the Tories are going to leave him in the most precarious position because so much damage has been done and he isn't going to be given any access to the kind of funding or corrupt money they have at hand because he isn't establishment. McDonnell made a speech too blaming Tory austerity for the amount of increased poverty and the drop in living standards and the abortion that is universal credit as well as the destruction of the NHS and rail networks and he is right. Another speaker was an NHS cancer surgeon who stated that the Tories had sneaked through a bill that made the government not responsible for NHS funding with public money and have now effectively killed it and what we have now is basically a load of contradicting propaganda trying to trick idiots that they really want the NHS to flourish and its a load of balls. Thatcher wanted to destroy it and these people are even more neoliberal than she ever was and its getting sold together with every man woman and child.  .

On the edge wall of the Trafalgar Square were the odd pockets of Neo Fascists and Class war people. There was the odd scuffle breaking out and people trying to provoke violence. I later found out that the far right were holding a rally outside Whitehall but the police were keeping it separate. I don't know how big it was. The next rally is planned for the March 16th and I doubt whether the farce that Cameron caused will be any nearer to some kind of conclusion. I just hope that May gets forced into a general election and that she loses. She holds the record votes of no confidence - 25 at this time of writing. She shouldn't even be there now. It can't go on like this and the division is going to tear the fabric of this country to bits in a way that has never been seen before. I just hope the light at the end of the tunnel isn't going to be of burning cars and shops and buildings and starvation worse than now - Cameron and Osbourne's true legacy together with the last riots. The man's going to jostle with May to win the 'most destructive leader this country has had to endure' award but they are are a bunch of equally deluded fuck wits waiting for the glory of destroying what's been left.  

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