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- 28 Mar 2019


A one day workshop to supercharge your relationships with young people

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher or anyone interested in the state of our relationships with children and young people this workshop will offer you a place to refresh and rethink.

After a 10 year journey that has taken them halfway around the world and from being traditional schooling focused parents to radical alternative education advocates, authors Lehla and Anthony say a resounding Yes! Children and young people could be happier.  And there are reasons for that and what we can do about it.

Based on their book, Jump, Fall, Fly, they show how giving up the very things we think are best for our children’s future and embracing ideas that seem to fly in the opposite direction, children and parents can become happier, more relaxed and better equipped to master the fast evolving (and fast approaching) future.

That future has immense challenges not least those of our changing ecological systems and climate. They show how the best way to tackle these challenges and opportunities for the future lie in developing a free mind, creativity,and emotional intelligence.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 7 Keys to focus on when living and caring for children that will make happiness more likely
  • How to spot the three behaviours that rob children of autonomy, confidence and curiosity
  • How to know what habits to build and which ones to give up when caring for kids so as to prime them for joy
  • The elements of family rhythm (focus, relationships, energy, stimuli, time)
  • The best way to tackle the reality of social conflict, ecological challenges and suffering
  • The three kinds of conversations you need to have for healthy family collaboration

EXPECT:    A mix of Games, Coaching, Brainstorming, Learning & Illumination - Collaborative, Creative & Practical

Location :   TBC

Date:  TBC

Timings:  Arrive for 9.00 am we start at 9.30 am and finish at 5.30pm

Price: £75 including light vegan lunch and a copy of our book.

Number of Places: 30

Email questions to jumpfallflyorg(at)

(Follow the  link below to book a place)