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Jeremy Pearce - 17 Feb 2019


Village undergrounds a pretty intimate venue with the angled high roof which gives its past away. Tonight I came up to check out Joe s splinter group from Ezra collective and Nubyas solo band . The support came from Asheber and the African Revolution a collective that have been playing a long time now .They were playing when I arrived,  and comprised of some familiar faces .Their music was Roots based but heavier and drew from different sources  .When they finished Unit 137 sound system cranked up they were contained in a 30ft square DJ box constructed in the middle of the floor about 30ft from the front of the stage slap in the middle of the standing area .A pretty crazy place to put it really,  considering how much floor space it took up  and the gig was sold out, but it wasnt a bad distraction till the main act came on .They had various MCs and people toasting, doing live vocals over prerecorded tracks mixing  and live trumpet .They put some super heavy bass lines in and mixed in Rodriguez at one point and Kept everyone distracted from the stage till the set change was completed and The Joe Armon Jones band came on ..They consisted of the same line up as in the We out here LP Joe Armon Jones Keys /Nubya Garcia Sax /Dylan Jones Trumpet / Kwake Bass Drums /Mutale Chashi Bass /Oscar Jerome Guitar with additional Vocals from Asheber .and James Mollison on sax . They music was a contempary fusion of everything that makes them tick so they were like sound Magpies in a way putting everything into the collective pot and fusing something new and fresh out of it  Nubya and James Morison were joking about with Dylan and they were obviously out to have a good time and spread  the vibes out as far a possible  It s got Lonnie liston Smith moments mixed with Dub Afro beat and spiritual jazz and  Thunder cat .They played a blinding set .I had to be back in town early the next day so I didnt get to purchase the Lp that Joe was signing after the gig up at the merch stand .Cant wait to see them again cos its just getting better and better and it will continue to blossom 

Campfire x 


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