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Jeremy Pearce - 07 Jun 2019


"It wasn't loud Just beautiful .I could feel the sound waves penetrating my body .Some of the audience were sitting on the floor drinking in every minuscule detail ,but with their eyes shut .When it ended it felt like finishing a deep meditation "

I reached the Dome early that night .My previous gig, watching the present Gong line up up Oslo in Hackney. I had ending up missing Ed Wynne due to a ludicrous start time . The door man couldnt give me the set time information when arriving  So I missed Ed completely even though being 5mins walk away .Tonight this wasnt going to happen again .On arriving a piece of paper stuck onto the wall of the Dome ,said that the event had been moved to the smaller venue "The Boston Rooms " next door ,So I walked round and the door man said that they weren't letting people in yet so I decided to kill the time in the Boston Arms .The Boston Arms is an  incredibly rough dilapidated predominantly   Irish working mans pub that is the sandwich filling between the two live music venues .with the massive Sky sports screen and a long bar filled with Keg and one cask pump. It was quite busy filled with predominantly alcoholic middle aged men who looked like they all lived in single digs and worked on building sites .Only one door was open and a man standing smoking a fag was blocking it .He made some comment to me in a heavy Irish brough  .He thought that this was the first time I had been in the place but he was wrong and my hesitation was due to not wanting to inhale any of his foul smelling tailor made getting into the pub .I ordered a pint and sat down next to 4 blokes who were in the gig later .that kept talking loudly through Jaccos set by the bar ruining  the ability to zone and focus ,for anyone near them trying to listen Luckily they shut up .They looked like they might have had something to do with putting it on .

The Boston is a small venue .Just a space with a stage and a bar running down one side ,back in the day London was full of places like this , small function rooms attached to community  pubs .The Dome on the other side of the pub is a lot bigger and not on street level.It has  a high  ceiling that gives it its name and is painted  black .The Boston rooms had Jaccos gear set up in the center of the floor with the power cables gaffer taped lining out to the venues power sockets  .The sound system was split into individual speakers on stands facing into the center, and a tarpaulin had been placed over his equipment , the lighting was minimal .The place was still pretty empty I picked up Dutch, Portuguese and German and Japanese  being spoken, with the odd smattering of English .The support consisted of a group of young English men who looked like a genetic throw back to 1967 they carried no fat wore tight jeans and had long immaculately coiffured  hair. They played an acoustic set sitting round the tarpaulin .I have left some film footage of them covering a King Crimson track ,Their vocal harmonies were superb and they played predominantly their own material laughing and smiling and glad to share their music with us  .Unfortunately  I have forgotten what they were called .Pharaoh Sanders Alice Coltrane   was being played played in the time space  before Jacco came on .Jacco sat down on one side of the array of vintage synthesizers sound modulators and key boards and a modern plastic button possibly a drum sequencer .He was facing where I stood and facing him a girl wearing 60s hippy gear sat, working the other equipment and small hand percussion  .They both wore head phones and Jacco also had a guitar .They had placed LED tea lights on the equipment .

They played the whole album in full. I bought a copy off him after the show and got him to sign it for me and had a brief chat .Theres something about being bathed in analogue synthesizer osculating sound modulation that s very therapeutic .It wasnt loud just beautiful.I could feel the sound waves  penetrating   my body .Some of the  audience  were sitting on the floor drinking in  every miniscule detail with their eyes shut .The sensation was not dissimilar to when I took part in one of the Psychedelic societies "All night Psychedelic Gong Baths last year .Just more condensed . When it ended it felt like finishing a meditation .Calm relaxed and soothed .

I am wondering when Jaccos going to break out of his cult underground status Hes been making music for over 10 years now .May be he never will , but he deserves to  His music  is unique This is his first electronica album .I like this album lots and reckon that Ive got another classic in my collection . In all accounts Jacco is defiantly a Genius and I wonder where his next LP will take us .I doubt though that I will ever be able to share something as intimate again because it was seriously special Leaning against a bar 5 feet away watching them re create this album in full Like a front living room .Jaccos not the only musician creating new psychedelia at the moment there s loads of it varying in quality and style from all over the world .Jacco is one of the best though and It is his own interpretation .The Mycelium is spreading out rapidly 

Camp Fire x




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