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Mia Manners - 18 Sep 2017


My brother Lester & I got to The Goodlife Experience and we're delighted to find Rude Health as our first stop. Their lovely girls handed us free hot chocolate made with their delicious almond milk. We found the cooking campfire , a very unusual central fire place offering indigenous old skool practices such as foraged mushrooms to cutting gamey animals and identifying what their old names were. The Goodlife experience is truly that, with the focus on food & family; something I've not seen before and which I liked as the UK has become so generic with its franchised mass intense plough to plate policies packaged in plastic pollution. To wonder around the tents & stalls was a surprise in every corner, and rather delightful. The crowds were fantastic, a mix of Liverpudlians & midlanders. Warm, authentic and my type of humans. Our campfire was warm though the white rabbits were on us in windy gusts, however it didn't perturb the essence of Campfire Convention practices. We focused on our topics with gusto and a small interested group organically came. We discussed a broad subject from language to the current trajectory on politics, health & homeopathy, the way the state has trundled into a wasteful carbuncle whose main role is to collect taxes, and how does it feel to be under the hammer of today's governments and fractious immoral dangers that are causing mass false flags in how we eat, feel, be, and how we've become so powerless. I am beginning to understand the importance of physically meeting like we'd meet back before social media and smart phones. My top lines are very acutely fed up with politics, main stream, and as Indra kept saying: were all being hypnotized by a very evasive system that is flawed by the robotic messages espousing from mealy mouthed mass produced politicians.

I certainly felt moved by this as my own take is we are no longer individuals but mass produced groups of blue, red, yellow or green team players that are collectively squashed by home ownership to mainstream outlandish work hours and huge problems now as humans falter with anxiety, stress, sickness and disease in mainstream areas. In a nut we are being led by sycophants and sociopaths that care not a fig for Mother Earth so long as it's priced up and you YES YOU, have choices such as which shitty supermarket you shop in, to which shitty party you support.

I liked the Goodlife and Campfire inclusion as it has a very simple vision that allows the meek and the mighty to mix things up and return to small is beautiful, local and seasonal and why oh why, are we being herded to a discombobulated head centric boring and transhumance inhumanity that kills all independent and unique sovereignty interdependence. Why are we such followers?

This is my passion to uncover external authority & face every single part I play in seeking approval from outside of me. It's time to break down ..and uncover the unseen questions that are not being talked about, such as, Why do we have State intervention when clearly it represents control, taking your money in everything from birth to death, and keeping us all fixed down in a system that for me is highly unsettling, very unhealthy, and not at all democratic in the real sense. When a system relies of your money for everything and gives it to its crony capitalist groups and friends, this is where there will be blood, stagnant and other, and where we are all collectively herded and kept to our illusionary fiat based fear based war monger, skull duggery aptitudes that lull us all in to a falsely costed version of the true cost of making and creating the governance of rule ship that is quite frankly, screwy. We are told we have choices, yet clearly up and down the country, many people are highly stressed and are breeding a copy cat existence to the external influences that wreck health with humanity and biodiversity in the name of rent seeking. This is my view on statism and crony membership business and institutions. 

When groups become to big, it fails, as one shoe does most definitely not fit most. WE are individuals and we are all by natural design, curious, inventive and can become highly ignoble by a decent inside investigation on what the bigger picture serves up. Its not all mass super mainstream industries and State led intervention, but a willingness to feel Who Am I and how do I give freely of myself in service that is higher consciousness and not low self esteem gerry mandering that panders to the base beats of fear keeping us small, agitated and squabbling over how our taxes are paid, and to what. 

We need to readdress politics and power and create a triple marrying line of grassroots meeting high brow, to protect the natural world from money usury based systems and unfair subsidies, again we pay for, with the falsification of how we part with our fiat and how we have faith in a dumb down top down unknown entity. 

Its time to revolt at the revolting greedy mother f****rs and change within not without. 

Thank you 



Jeremy Pearce

Exactly x

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