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Jeremy Pearce - 07 Mar 2019


"It felt like when they hit an intense peak,It would then drop back down again ,but it never did .It just kept climbing on upwards and onto a higher stratospheric level !"

Tonight I made sure I reached Village underground early .I am heading over to see my German mates next week for a music festival called" Psych in Bloom" I met the friend who promotes it in Liverpool (Sadly its not on again this year, its a kind of hub that brings the underground  together  from all over the world  )   Two other  mates  are serious Comet heads  .I was with them  up liverpool Psych fest ,when the Comet played it with a mind blowing back  projection behind them and amplification  .I had said to them ,even before the festival had started   ."For gods sake watch this band " I had watched them the week before up Total Refreshment and knew the score and not surprisingly,   they became converted instantly .So to get to the point, I mentioned that I was going to see them yesterday  and that  they were promoting a new album released on Impulse called "Trust In The Life Force Of The Deep Mystery "(recorded up Total Refreshment in 2 sessions in 2017 ), and I would  try my best to get them  an autographed copy each, and one for my self .The LP isnt officially released till next week but they most probably would have limited  pre released copies pressed for sale .The Day before I had contacted them about this but I had  no feed  back, but I thought it would be worth asking the Merch desk whilst it wasnt busy ,whether they had left me 3 to pick up .When I asked it turned out that they hadnt ,but the man  said that if I waited he would contact the band and it was they would sign back stage and pass them back . I still wasnt sure if my mission would be successful and for some odd reason,  had forgotten to specify  Vinyl and when I returned they had 3 signed Cd s .I felt like I was really pushing it too far now but actually asked if they could change them for me and they actually did .So I am now the very proud owner of 3 Pre release signed copies pressed on super high quality super heavy weight black vinyl  and I thought to my self ".How the hell did I manage that ?"

Normally at gigs I try to position my self central,  in front of the mixing desk. for the best sound, but for this and Kamasi the day before I positioned my self  as close as possible, to the stage  and found a space 3 back in front of Danalogue(Dan Weavers )Key board set up so that I could watch every thing properly and that s where I took up position  

Alibaster de Plume 

Alabaster de Plume is a multi instrumentalist poet spoken word and performance artist and was playing with 2 other people .A girl on guitar  backing vocals and another girl on keys ,backing tracks and vocals .He was playing guitar and saxophone and was engaging the audience in narrative, spoken word and verse, set to music .He was trying to make us all think, as he twisted words and Phrase   out of normal context and into  surreal linguistic meanings   He was wearing purple nail varnish and a red garland of small red flowers round his neck ,and loose brown trousers .I have left a link .

The Comet is Coming 

Tonight was like a one and a half hour "Cosmic explosion " it was the most intense time I had watched them  They go  alot faster than the LP.or anything studio recorded when kicking it  live .  They started with the Opening track off it .Its  quite gentle and then basically ignited the blue touch paper and  blew the roof off the shed .Ive watched Shabaka lots over the last few years and have started to read a kind of code in his body movements when he rocks back and then rocks  forward and shoots the note phrases , like tracers of sound energy projectiles  out of his  saxophone  .They are the true definition of a  Super power Trio  .It felt like, when it hit an intense peak .It would then drop back down but,it never did. It just climbed onto  a higher energy level and this is how the set  carried on, peaking upwards continuously , like some mad rush ! I was right in front of Danalogue (See Wiki Link for info ) and was watching how he was twisting the mad techno barrage out of the equipment and FX peddles in front of me, and changing expression as he predicted the out come.  As Betamax  twisted sonic jazz drum  rhythms glued ,binding it together as the sparks flashed like an angle grinder   .Danaloge was addressing the crowd and when they stopped I thought that they would never do an encore because the energy level had peaked and it felt like a massive fire work had gone off for over a hour but only the smell of sulphur and phosphorous was left ,but they came back still wet, with sweat and cranked it back up, to an even more intense level than before .When it did end I just found myself left paralyzed with my mouth open nodding my head to side to side in disbelief  and muttering the words  "Oh my fucking god" in a loop over and over again to my self They had left me completely in bits !

On the way back I was wondering how they come back down after playing  like that? .It must have felt like  when I used to chef in busy restaurants and felt like someone had put my finger in a live plug socket for the duration of the service and shot me through with mains electricity  "Deep ujjayi breathing ".They are playing Bristol tonight and then State side ,Then into Europe and then a festival near you .

The Comet has returned ! Campfire x


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