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Pete Lawrence - 18 Nov 2018


It was a joyous, relaxed and purposeful coming together. We calmly took five bridges in central London.

I met the Frome contingent near Horse Guards Parade at 10 o'clock and no one really seemed to know what was happening other than to convene on Westminster Bridge. That suited me and seemed to suit most who were there. 

We arrived at the bridge around 10.30 and around 10.50 we took the bridge. Police were helpful and good humoured. At 11.15 they attempted to clear the bridge, accusing those who were there of "obstructing the highway". I'm probably right in saying that nobody left.

So here's my story of the day - a momentous day. One that I suspect might stand a chance of going down in history as the catalyst for a sea change that many are looking for, in terms of activism for saving the planet, putting pressure on governments to recognise and urgently react to the issues. #extinctionrebellion will spread like a global virus. It might just give us an outside chance of saving the planet. 

It was also a great thrill to be invited to speak from the stage. Good to see mindfulness and meditation taking place on Westminster Bridge on a Saturday at peak hours!

Here's my film:

The Guardian, to their credit, led with the headline story on their app for several hours late Saturday afternoon and evening. The Independent also gave good coverage and The Daily Mail weighed in with a predictable 'eco-carnage' story, concentrating on the arrests and the disruption to traffic. 

Conscientious Protectors are prepared to give up their freedom now for all our planet's sake. Will you join them?



Is the protest fair?

By Roger Harrabin, BBC environment analyst

We haven’t seen a British green group quite like this before. It thinks marching with placards has failed, so it’s aiming to make mayhem instead.

But have the protestors picked the right target?

The UK is in the leading pack of nations in cutting the CO2 emissions that are over-heating the planet.

The Climate Change Act locks Britain into reducing greenhouse gases by 80% by 2050, based on 1990 levels.

And the government has kept pace with the step-by-step targets so far, mostly by stopping coal-burning for electricity.

It promises to meet future targets too - although its advisers warn it has to improve by getting more electric cars on the road, and making homes and businesses more energy efficient.

The protesters say the targets will be breached if the government spends £30bn on new roads, encourages fracking and looks to expand aviation even further.

Climate change demands a seismic shift in society, they say. And they’re not seeing that yet.

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Tiana Jacout, of Extinction Rebellion, said the blockages were "not a step we take lightly" but "if things continue as is, we face an extinction greater than the one that killed the dinosaurs".

The BBC website which also offers a rather unsympathetic opening statement "A total of 82 people were arrested during a so-called "rebellion day" which saw five major London bridges blocked by activists, police have said."

"According to the organisers, 6,000 people had taken part."

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Jeremy Pearce

You did a good job with the film Pete .Well done .


Pete Lawrence

Thanks @Jeremy Pearce . It was fun to put together x


Katherine Lucy Sang

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Katherine Lucy Sang

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