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Jason Hine - 19 Dec 2020


"Western civilization is rooted in a mythology of Dragon killing. At the very root of Western civilization is perhaps a failed or incomplete initiation, in which a dragon is killled. In Sumerian mythos, which strongly influenced Greek and Roman culture, Marduk kills the Dragon Tiamat, in Greek mythology Zeus throws the God-beast Typhon into the underworld, George kills the dragon, Apollo slew the Oracular Python. When Cadmus founded Thebes he slew a Dragon sacred to Ares, so Cadmus has to give penance to him for eight years, after which he gains Harmony as a wife. 

Of course plenty and wonder came out of this city-founding endeavour, just as it did out of western civilization as a whole, but was it all beneficial? It also produces a braided knot of sometimes tragic consequences in Cadmus's lineage. Cadmus's grandson and successor Pentheus, was later killed by his mother Agave as a frenzied Maenad after Pentheus rejected the God Dionysus. The grandson of Cadmus named Actaeon was torn apart by Artemis's dogs. Cadmus's daughter Semele was killed when she was tricked into gazing upon the divine form of Zeus. Eventually several generations later In the lineage Laius (Cadmus's great grandson) was killed by his son Oedipus. 

When folks decided to create city walled city states with top-down hierarchical power structures they sometimes isolated themselves to an extent from the earthbody. What is the result of this separation from the earthbody? That which is "outside", the foreigner, the other, is separated from that which is inside the gates. Black and white, up and down, inside and outside became separated in absolutist metaphysical terms for the first time. 

That which is sacred and below in the deep earth, becomes demonised and is separated from the sky gods. The early walled city-state was a kind of physical manifestation into the world of the human psyche divided by historical trauma from the earth. And the Dragon represents all of these things that were excluded. It is the "outside", the animal, the terrifying but delicious other, the fiery chthonic, the ground, the earthbody and even the mysterious aspects of the soaring luminous divine. That is why it must die for the city to be founded. The dragon must die for the failed initiation ceremony that is at the root of Western culture to occur. 

But what if the dragon wasn't slain? What if the real ancient paleolithic initiation was to integrate and come into relationship with the Dragon and the chthonic serpent, to draw on its earth based serpentine underworld power to regenerate culture and ecosystems? 

What if we were to time travel backwards into the past to the root of this initiation and remake it back into its original form? Perhaps our cities would transform into civiums, harnessing technologies of reunion for ecosystem regeneration, powered by mutualistic economic systems, and some of us would be moved to join decentralised abundant earth regenerating ecovillage networks. 

Of course this is not to say we need to new-ageify the dragon and unrealistically or naively idealise all dragons as "all good". Some dragons are in a freeze place, some are transcendent dragons of the air, some are locked in constant rebellion trying to burn the world down. Instead we aim to approach the Dragon with respect, to find those particular aspects of the dragon that are fructifying, to find those particularly helpful dragons that are life giving and culture-restoring. In this ritual we will time travel to the roots of western civilization and replace the failed initiation of dragon killing with a ceremony of integrating, becoming, wearing the God-face of the dragon or becoming an ally or friend of the dragon in the land. 

Was it inevitable that early city States became top down hierarchical non-animistic systems? Was it inevitable that unregulated industrial growth became the norm and technology harnessed us and ritually bound us like a spirit in a magical circle instead of us harnessing it? Dragon magic says "NO" to these questions. 

Engaging in a dragon ritual is to open up the multiverse and engage in a kind of counter-history. This ritual taps into the counter-history and alternative reality of dragon magic not only to challenge the mainstream narrative of empire but to, in a more taboo and more outrageous sense, actively seek to sorcerously INTERVENE in history, to redream it and change it. Whether through very empirically real climate change narratives, spectres of economic collapse, or through narratives of techno-utopia, narratives of a more beautiful world next week, ascension to 5D, or AI takeover, the apocalypse looms vast and terrible over our threadbare present with an enormous outsized overgrown future. The apocalypse mountain crowds out the deep immense ancestral past.

Now more than ever, with the help of the Dragon in the land, we may need to compost the apocalypse and find our way back to ancestral ancient future time, the time of abundant regenerative eco-community networks. Instead of being threatened by the disaster of history or consumed by the beast behind all history, perhaps we can become the beast behind history, consume the apocalypse and history itself and create in its place the regenerative ecovillage networks of the ancient future.

Practical notes:  

You are welcome to join me in this ritual. There is no financial cost. Some experience with ceremony is required. Please consider if this is right thing for you at this time. Please be aware this ritual is not intended as a form of personal therapy or individual healing, it is a form of animistic ritual. Please bring your full responsibility, bring your most awakened ancestors and only do what feels right for you. This practice (and these words and concepts) are not a religion or a spiritual practice to believe in, but a set of jumping off points for your own discovery, and your own animistic exploration. 

Things to bring:

drums, rattles, musical instruments, facepaints and Dragon masks are all good. Making a little earth based Dragon temple/altar, perhaps a world tree or world mountain, world volcano or black hole might be good. Offerings such as fire, snake (or other reptile) skin, good quality meat, eggs, fish, wine, cream, butter, oil. If you are vegetarian or vegan suitable quality substitutes are acceptable. Also crystals, bark rocks, bones, flowers, meteorites, dinosaur bones.

This event is scheduled to take place at 16:00 UK time to coincide with winter solstice at Campfire's World Harmony gathering 

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