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Katie Brockhurst - 23 Feb 2019


Campfire Mentorship Circle Workshop : Social Media For A New Age


Social Media For A New Age : From the Town Square to the Living Room to round the Campfire.

Tuesday 16th July 2019

17:00 - 19:00,

via Zoom £25


Join us online to talk Social Media For A New Age,as author Katie Brockhurst shares her latest research on the future of social media.

Mark Zuckerberg recently wrote that the future of social media is a move from the Town Square (Facebook/ Instagram Newsfeeds)  to the The Living Room (Messenger apps, groups and subscription based models )…  Here we will also consider the Campfire as an alternative/ complimentary space for your social media activities and strategies. 

If you would like to usesocial media in more meaningful way; authentically & confidently creating and sharing content to support you, your ideas, your business, your mission… And if social media stresses you out, makes you feel overwhelmed or obligated to use it to promote yourself or your business….  This session might just be for you. 

Katie has been supporting experts, authors, brands and organisations of all kinds since the dawn of social media and has developed a mindset and toolbox that supports authentic social media presence and growth— that is so much more than clicks, views, and likes. 

“If you thought social media was all about clicks, likes and follows, think again. Katie will help you to create soulcial media – soul-filled social media and content that creates community, that feels real to produce and to receive, and the good news is, there’s not a wanky countdown clock or old-paradigm click- bait sales technique in sight.”

Lisa Lister, Author & Creator

Social Media started as a way to connect with friends, family, and like-minded people around the world, and to share our voices and photos. It’s grown into something so much more commercial, fuelled by curated images of perfection and limited by algorithms. 

It can fuel anxiety, depression, and distraction and lead us down what Katie calls the Social Media Vortex of Doom…. And yet, Katie has helped many people find the sweet spot of sharing themselves authentically in a way that spreads their meaningful messages.

“It is so important that within the noise and bullsh*t of social media and on-line marketing, we have the authentic and sane voice of Katie Brockhurst to guide and advise us.” 

Lynne Franks OBE

Katie approaches social media from the perspective that it is the catalyst to sharing the good in the world. And In her book Social Media for a New Age, she shares how we can use social media for good and how to create boundaries that support our mind, body, and soul.

“Katie has a rare blend of intuitive insight and practical expertise relating to social media that’s grounded in a wealth of experience and enlivened by an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. “

Julia McCutchen, Author


In the the Session we will explore:

  • Katie’s latest research and insight about where social media might be going next by exploring some different platforms and options outside of (and those within) Facebook Inc.

-  How we can change our mindset to use social media and content creation as a catalyst for change -  bringing meaningful connections to our world and our work. 

  • How we can use these incredible tools to reach the right people and fulfil our soul’s work without getting lost in the overwhelm and addiction (driven by addictive design).

Fuelled by her unicorn energy and years of experience, Katie will share how important it is for us to be ourselves on social media - whilst effectively using the platforms available to us to build meaningful connections in a way that supports our growth, goals, and our own well-being. 

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