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- 23 Feb 2019


Campfire Mentorship Circle Workshop : Social Media For A New Age

Community, Conversation & Collaboration

Date : Friday 19th July TBC 10am- 4pm

Location : Glastonbury

Suggested fee for the day of £100

Ideally 10-15 attendees

Join us for a day of learning, growth, clarity, support and meaningful connections.

If social media stresses you out or makes you feel overwhelmed, or obligated to use it to use the same way everyone else does to promote yourself or your business….

If you would rather use social media authentically  to confidently create content to support you in sharing your message, your ideas, your business, your mission… This workshop may well be for you. 

I have been supporting experts, authors, brands and organisations of all kinds since the dawn of social media and has developed a mindset and toolbox that supports authentic social media presence and growth—the kind the changes lives and businesses, and is so much more than clicks, views, and likes. 

Social Media started as a way to connect with friends, family, and like-minded people around the world, and to share our voices and photos. It’s grown into something so much more commercial, fuelled by curated images of perfection and limited by algorithms. 

It can fuel anxiety, depression, and distraction and lead us down what I call the Social Media Vortex of Doom…. And yet, I have helped many people find the sweet spot of sharing themselves authentically in a way that spreads their meaningful messages and builds supportive, engaging, audiences. 

I tend to approach social media from the perspective that it is the catalyst to sharing the good in the world. 

In my book Social Media for a New Age, I share how we can use social media for good and how to create boundaries that fuel our mind, body, and soul - and that’s what we’ll learn in this special one-day workshop…

The Workshop

In this intimate and cozy workshop, we will explore 

-  How we can change our mindset to use social media and content creation as a catalyst for bringing love and meaningful connections to our world.

  • How we can use these incredible tools to fulfil our soul’s work without getting lost in the overwhelm and addiction (driven by addictive design).
  • How to create a content framework and social media plan that will help you to reach more people in an organic way.
  • Get up to date insight and information about where social media is going next by exploring different platforms and options outside of Facebook Inc. 

In a small group of approximately 15 other like-minded folks, we will share our stories and goals, set intentions, and experience some social media guided meditations which I will create and lead.

We will learn about connected communities, content development, and using our content beyond social media in the land of public relations. 

We will have ample time for some 1:1 coaching and to learn from each other’s experiences. 

Fuelled by my unicorn energy and years of experience, I will explore and teach ways in which we can be ourselves on social media and to use these platforms to build meaningful connections in a way that supports our growth, goals, and most importantly, our own well-being.