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Pete Lawrence - 13 Sep 2017


Apple has confirmed rumours that it is releasing the iPhone X, which the tech company claims is "the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone".

As expected, the iPhone X includes facial recognition technology for unlocking the phone and protecting data, and a corner-to-corner display.

"This is the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone," said CEO Tim Cook, who unveiled the product during today's Apple Event, when the company also revealed the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Techradar : Brace yourself for the iPhone X price and release date that Apple announced on Tuesday. It costs more than any prior iPhone and ships later than expected.

That's the only bad news, though. Apple claims the iPhone X, which is pronounced 'iPhone 10', is worth your money and the extra wait time. This is Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone, and it's making big changes for 2017.

The iPhone X was unveiled alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, while there's also a new Apple Watch 3.

The iPhone X takes Apple's 10-year-old smartphone design in a bold new direction. It leaves behind the familiar physical home button and tried-and-trusted fingerprint sensor.

Is it worth the extremely high iPhone X price? What are the big features you need to know about? 

The iPhone X is a sensational-looking iPhone – but it obviously comes at a huge cost, and you'll have to wait to get it. Question marks remain over Face ID as a way of unlocking the phone, but if your face truly does get 'learned' over time, it could work well.


  • Screen is stunning
  • New user interface is intuitive
  • Portrait Lighting is effective


  • Face ID was erratic in demos
  • Cost is so, so high

The iPhone X is one of the most exciting phones released this decade – but not because it offers anything particularly innovative or new. 

It’s exciting because it’s the most radical redesign of an iPhone yet, tying together a number of key trends in the industry and adding in a level of polish that will attract legions of Apple fans to upgrade, and spend another couple of years in the iCycle.

But this change doesn’t come cheap, and nor will it appeal to those who enjoy a degree of continuity in their upgrades. This is a new way of interacting with your iPhone, a way that allows you to enjoy more of iOS at any one time, and alters the way you use apps with the increased screen size.

iPhone X price

  • More expensive than any other iPhone
  • 64GB iPhone X: $999, £999, and AU$1,579
  • 256GB iPhone X: $1,149, £1,149, AU$1,829
  • US carriers are charging $42 a month

The iPhone X price starts at $999, £999, and AU$1,579, which makes it the most expensive iPhone ever made. And that's for the iPhone X with 64GB of storage.




Adrian Legg

They're taking the... um...
I can't take it seriously. One doesn't even have to go to a top of the line Andrex to get thoroughly adequate functionality. I'm responding on a Moto G4 - cheapish, whacking great SD card for memory so photos up the wazoo, satnav maps of Yurp and 'murica and big dictionaries, manual control of the camera, adequate internet, yada yada, and - blow me down - it makes and takes phone calls.


Richard Dent

Since Jobs passed away, Apple have been making a serious of design mistakes. First they didn't upgrade the Mac Pro for five years, they took away the headphone port on the iPhone then they took away the majority of the ports on the Mac Book Pro. The first two iterations of the iWatch were overpriced gimmicks.

The black top bar covering the top of the iPhone X screen is weaker design than the S8. Overall the S8 looks better and is cheaper.The iPhone 8 is really the 7s. Virtually no major change for most people so branding it a new version is false advertising. Reviewers of the iPhone X have discovered that IOS 11 is actually more difficult to use than IOS 10 with some basic functions requiring two hands. Face ID looks slower than Touch ID.

Something has gone wrong at Apple since Jobs passed. It's mistake after mistake. But people are addicted. And where else are you gonna go?


Ralph Pettingill

My first thoughts: how far can/will they push us, with such breathless 'upgrades'? And then, my impression that this is actually a spoof..sadly not. I don't like the cynical feelings that are evoked in me. "What is the question, to which iPhone X is the answer..?"

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