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Pete Lawrence - 09 Sep 2017


I've always enjoyed the wildness and slightly ramshackle vibe around Winchelsea, the smallest town in England to have its won mayor as well as neighbouring Rye and Dungeness.

I pointed the camper van here on a whim last yesterday afternoon and it's been an absolute treat to catch up with old friend @Sarah Aspinall and her mates and take time out to do a longish Saturday walk in the sunshine (and a shower or two!)

I'm now back at the van drying out my clothes. I love this lane and the house Sarah and Robbie are building. There's even talk of a Winchelsea Beacon. Now that could be something...

I wasn't sure if I liked Rye on first viewing around thirty years ago. It seemed a little clautrophobic and perhaps slightly too quaint. Camber Sands is a huge fine stretch of sand but was dominated by the holiday resorts and slightly down at heelfeel of its cafes, bubs and chip shops. 

Dungeness is quite unlike else in Britain, it's desolation and end-of-the-world feel enhanced by the huge pylons (check @Andrew Cleal's wonderful photo that appeared on the cover, which I commisioned during my time with Cooking Vinyl for the cover of the 'Freedom and Rain' album. That photo, plus Derek Jarman's Prospect Cottage sum up Dungeness..eerie and bathed in light, but exposed and rugged for a Kent coastal location. 

Winchelsea is a good mix and I take delight in the contast of the pebbly beach, with windfarm and nuclear power station in the distance to the east and the very green fertile hills towards Pett Level and Fairlight Cove to the west. 

An inspiring beach walk..



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