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Azul Thomé - 06 May 2020


I have been mingling DNA with the crowned virus for almost 6 weeks and I am being increasingly ...

Not in a way that needs rescue nor advice nor fixing 
that would be theft  

Not in a way that requires life coaching towards improvement nor a booklet of positive affirmations
that would be theft 

Not either a reminder of how sacred and enlightening it all is or not 
that would be theft also

This time is the deep longing of many life times... 
to be undone collectively 
unravelled and 
while being invited to an erotic listening with en-soil-ed gravitas 
and the daring of the deep subversive emotions
that our society has colonised and pathologised with great financial success...with the potent spell that illness and death are perverse a culture

My guts tell me that anything that is happening right now 
that is anything BUT being undone is of great consequence

like all the plans and numbers of emails to 'avoid coming back to normal and rewild...' (what does that mean?) or to 'come back to normal' (what does that mean ?) , 
to campaign for that 
or petition for this,

I am very and profoundly dubious about it all...

In my observation there has not been enough time yet for our psyche
to fall daringly , 
to be in the void, 
to be undone...

like in any passage worthy of being called a rite. 

may this wondrous and blessed experience be deeply heard ~ not to be wasted in past scenarios and new great plans, that is my plea and my prayer! 

I doubt my plea and yet it must be done and said or

That would also be a sacred theft
In my opinion ...



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