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Stephen Radford - 24 Dec 2019


Way back in 1996 I was involved, along with my band mates, in putting together a CD based around the Megatripolis club. It culminated in a guided meditation on compassion by Ram Dass with our music. Some years later I got an email from someone in Canada to tell me that he thought that that had changed his life and also, by extension, his families.

I don't want to take any huge credit for that, we were a part of a network that was helping to spread the message of Ram Dass and others, but I do take heart from having had that sort of affirmation. 

Just remember, some of us may make bigger splashes but we are all part of the ripples :-)


Bless you Ram Dass. You may not be here now but your ripples are still spreading.





Oh Stephen, thank you for this précis of Ram's life...what a treat to have played for his meditation.
And I really loved the notion that we're ALL ripples, and that some of us just make a bigger splash.
Lovely feeling when I must on that.
with love x