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- 24 Aug 2018


For those who haven't been, Sidmouth Folk Week is, for many, the pinnacle of the folk festival calendar, a seven day marathon in the first week of August - prime holiday season - where assorted beards, tankards and bells take over the usually sedate Devon seaside town, offering a mammoth 750 events spread across numerous venues and attended by tens of thousands of folk fans.

From sedate bus shelter sing songs to vigourous Late Night Extra ceilidhs which run on into the early hours, Sidmouth arguably caters for all tastes - as long as you are open to the many shades of folk music on offer.  

This year, I decided to make a video diary of my four days there, using just an iPhone, iMovie for assemblage and a few spontaneous interviews and phoned in contributions from those who made it what it was. Plese excuse extreme DIY production and shaky camera work!

Thanks to Banter, Pete Coe and Stephen Hunt in particular for their various contributions. I had a ball. 

Here is my mini-documentary:


and photo gallery :



leigh rush

I loved the diary, Pete. The dancing to Banter looked fun. I also do like a bit of Morris Dancing! Great job.


Pete Lawrence

Thanks for the feedback @leigh rush . Banter were fab and there was no shortage of morris dancing too, mixed in with much other stuff.


Sarah Aspinall

I really enjoyed that! (Like like smiley face) it really made we want to go next year!


Pete Lawrence

We should get a possé together, @Sarah Aspinall x


Sharon Prendergast

This was wonderful. As you know we were at Cambridge folk festival which was excellent. I have raved about it. A lot.
Sidmouth seems to have a very different feel. I loved the pictures of the headlands and the beach too.... The short walk to Beer from Sidmouth is stunning. And if I'm correct, that's the beach where the Napoli ran aground all those years ago. (Dare I say it, show of hands did a very clever song about it. In fact one of my favourite song lines ever..... 'from Lyme bay to eBay'...... )

It's very tempting, you know.....


Pete Lawrence

Yes indeed, incredibly different to Cambridge in that it takes over all the town and runs for a week, and has 750+ events. Thanks for the feedback... Come next year! x

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