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Jane Cornwell - 08 May 2020


So fricking sad to hear of the passing of Ty, another victim of the coronavirus. A huge loss to London and the world. Looking back to 2018, and his sensational album A Work of Heart, which I reviewed for the London Evening Standard, sticking to my limited word count:

"Five albums on and Ty, the former Fresh Prince of Brixton, the UK ambassador of conscious hip hop, has become an elder. This 14-track opus, part autobiography, part rallying call, reflects as much, taking in soul, jazz and grime but staying anchored to the word.

Ty’s narrative-driven verse commands attention. Eyes Open is an exhortation to keep vigilant. Somehow Somewhere Someway is underscored by the spoken-word gravitas of Last Poets luminary Umar Bin Hassan. Collaboration is key here, with some 10 tracks featuring guests including fellow elder, saxophonist Jason Yarde, a melding of left-field sensibilities that lend weight, add heart. Deep".

Go well, Ty.

Feature image : Ty at The Big Chill, courtesy Rob Pollard