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Jason Hine - 24 Mar 2020


Social distancing is holy.⁣ ⁣ What a simple sacrifice we are being asked to make now, friends. What an easy habit we can change, that will make all the difference in the world.⁣

The words of Jo'el Adifon:

"I'll be frank:

I'm appalled by posts I've seen on Facebook calling the coronavirus pandemic "fearmongering" and "conspiracy theory".

Are many people having unhealthy responses due to panic and hyperstimulated nervous systems? Yes.

Are there serious, serious issues with the media's dissemination of information and the ways our world leaders govern? Yes.

As an Afro Italian (nato in Puglia), I can tell you from real family I've spoken to who are on the ground:

Right now, there are towns in Italy where the dead can't even be buried because people are working from home and are prohibited from going outside, save for a 4-5 hour wait at the grocery store and to walk the dog.

Real people are dying. 

Not numbers. People. With stories, hopes, and dreams.

This is no joke. This is not a fucking game.

We have vulnerable lives among us, the immunocompromised and elderly.

I'm staying my ass home, even though I KNOW I don't and I won't get sick.

God forbid I'm ever an asymptomatic carrier.

I say this as someone who sees miracles daily, who's seen the blind see, the deaf hear, tumors and cysts disappear, and the Divine open a myriad of other possibilities. 

God Is Kind and Miracles Are Normal, and I STILL tie my camels.

Now is not the time to spiritually bypass or to stick our heads in the sand.

Those of us with access to spiritual knowledge and material means have a responsibility to do our part, to stand with those in fear, to share our medicine, AND to wash our hands + faces, stay home, and handle our 3D shit.

Living in La La Land and covering our ears is a slap in the face to those who are facing real danger.

They deserve our support, to know they matter, and that we truly care."

The words of Humming Bird:

"Social distancing is holy.⁣

What a simple sacrifice we are being asked to make now, friends. What an easy habit we can change, that will make all the difference in the world.⁣

If you don’t already get it, which (astonishingly, but not) many people don’t, here’s why:⁣

Right now this virus is so many places where it has not been reported at all, where the first cases haven’t even come in (the town where I live, for example). There are multiple reasons we can logically infer this: the late action in banning gatherings, the challenges and delays getting tested thousands of folks are experiencing, the fact that carriers of the virus can be asymptomatic, and the fact that even those trying to practice good hygiene don’t have easy access to the basic equipment to do it.⁣

(I’m surprised how many people are telling me “the CDC says masks don’t help much.” If you’re under this impression, google “Why telling people they don’t need masks backfired” in the NYTimes from 3/17 for a clear-eyed perspective.)⁣

And all of that means that… we’d be smart to act as if it could be anywhere, and everywhere.⁣

NOT just so that YOU don’t get sick. It’s not just about you—it’s about the exponential way you could easily spread the virus, if you do pick it up, and if you’re not practicing social distancing.⁣

Taking care of my body - protecting it to the best of my ability from an elusive, amoral threat - means treating it like the temple it is. And inherently, that practice will protect others—most importantly, those with less-resilient bodies.⁣

The less people have the virus, the less people will be going to the hospital.⁣

The less people are going to the hospital, the less ravaged our healthcare system will be (though it will be ravaged, friends, please have no illusions.) ⁣

And remember, if you or a loved one gets sick in two weeks, breaks a bone, or anything… a less-collapsed healthcare system will also be beneficial to you.⁣

What is beautiful about social distancing is that it’s so tiny, in terms of the sacrifices that societies often have to make in crisis—yet each person’s choice to follow it makes an ENORMOUS difference. Just look at any terrifying bellcurve of c-virus diagnoses and consider the basic info I’ve shared here. Our little choices right now are everything.⁣

Taking care of my body is taking care of your body. Taking care of your body is taking care of mine.⁣

Let’s light this sacred fire between our physical bodies to protect our collective body. Let’s embrace the change in our way of being with reverence, with gratitude, with devotion… and yes, with vigilance, because this is ultimately how we stay alive."



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