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- 29 Nov 2018


There has been discussion over what we might put on the ‘Unload for 2019’ checklist. That's if we even do checklists. 

If you're looking for inspiration, try visiting the Daniel Pinchbeck book 'How Soon Is Now' which has been a constant companion and source of reference around the Campfire this year.

His checklist for calls to action here are taken from his book (obvious pre Extinction Rebellion which has grown exponentially since its launch in late October and has become a game changer):

Here's his starter for twelve:

- Become a vegetarian or a vegan, or reduce your consumption of meat to a minimum.
- Cut down on air travel. Stop taking unnecessary business trips and vacations. Focus on creating local utopias rather than travelling long distances for exotic experiences.
- Give up your car, or share a vehicle with other people. New digital platforms are making this easier. For instance, Bla Bla Car, a European company, has recently launched a new ridesharing platform, which connects ‘people who need to travel with drivers who have empty seats’. This is a beautiful and simple solution. It could quickly become a global standard.
- Reuse, recycle, conserve, compost.
- Buy less stuff, particularly new stuff.
- Support the transition to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.
- In the digital domain, support the movement away from closed, proprietary platforms that extract value to a small financial elite towards platforms that are open-source, peer-to-peer, cooperatively run and democratic.
- Food: grow some of your own food, if possible.
- Join a cooperative or start one. As business ventures, cooperatives are democratically controlled, collectively owned, voluntary associations of people. They are based on common economic, social and cultural needs and shared values.
- Create your own media about what inspires you: With smartphones alone, each of us is now a broadcaster able to spread ideas, stories and so on. In the best-case scenario I can envision, at least a portion of the wealthy elite in the developed world will model the path to self-sufficiency, sacrificing excess, choosing to address the planetary emergency as an initiatory path. Through media, they can explain to the global multitudes – the rest of the world – what they are doing, and why.
- Join an already existing, purpose-driven, social change movement. - Some examples of ongoing global movements are Transition Town, the Zeitgeist Movement, the Global Eco-Village Network and the World Social Forum.
- Join a community, or start one with your friends. I currently know many groups buying land or buildings together.

This year has been dramatic and unsettling for many. It feels almost as if we're watching the world unfold in a surrealistic, dystopian TV drama.

As we move into one of the biggest periods of uncertainty and transition, we ask Campfire members what their high and low points were this year and what their hopes and fears are for next year. 

1 What breaks your heart?

2 Where are you looking for hope and inspiration? 

3 What was your 2018 highlight? A person, an object, an idea or moment that inspired you? 

4 What is your skill?

We invite you to join our Project 2018 Unload : 2019 Reset and write your own blog on your ideas and intentions for the next twelve months. 

This can be done in the usual way. Go to the create content button on your Profile / home page, create a post and construct your own blog in the main 'body' of the article, selecting 'Projects' from visibility (top right) and selecting the 2018 UNLOAD : 2019 RESET project further down the page. Please send your article to The Bugle too! We welcome all content in the site magazine. For more tips and tricks on how to use Campfire go to the Library.



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